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Maybelline PLAY Tattoo Liquid Eyeliners

Time to PLAY with coloured liquid eyeliners! That too from our favourite drugstore brand with their signature fuss-free 'TATTOO' stamp that you can get really creative with - as I did with my swatches below.

You can also apply them on the tip of your lashes as well, if that's the drama you want....or you accidentally got them on your already mascara-ed lashes.

Here, I have Shake (Lilac) & Punch (Fuchsia Pink)

Shake, Punch

Swatches: Punch, Shake

*(I was gonna draw a flower....then an asterisk....then a star....)

There are 6 shades within this range:

Shades: Ride, Switch, Punch, Shake, Drop, Switch

There's a black shade, but a different red packaging without the PLAY

It's a waterproof formula, but it comes off with just water when you wash it off.

Price: ₹549

Now glitter ones, please Maybelline!


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