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Makeup For A Maroon & Silver Saree

This is a reader query. She will be attending an Indian wedding & would be wearing a gorgeous maroon saree with silver embellishments.

She sent me a photo of the saree:

If I'm wearing a saree like that, I am guessing my makeup will be pretty much the same as Vanessa Hudgens' here....

Since the saree is so bling & I'm assuming you'd be wearing some bling jewelry too, I'd want to keep my eyes matte, maybe just a little shimmery color on the center of my lids & inner corners. A simple smokey eye look will suit it well:
  • A matte brown like MAC Espresso + something with a hint of plum-like MAC Sketch- on lids
  • A matte black like MAC Carbon or Bourjois Intense Eyeshadow #10 on the outer V, and blend it with MAC Sketch.
  • A pearly vanilla highlight color on your brow bone & inner tear duct areas.
  • Black pencil liner, like Lakme Kohl Ultimate, smudged on top and bottom lash line
  • Black  mascara. Maybe add some natural-looking false lashes too.
  • I wear a lippie that suits the saree exactly, or almost. Maybe MAC Rebel lipstick.
  • If you're not comfortable with a bold lipstick, then a nude lipstick would look great too, like Jlo below....

Although I think the lip liner is off & the blush is a little much. The eyes are perfect! 

Hope those tips will come in handy! :)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Good advice! Venessa Hudgens makeup looks gorgeous!!

  2. How do you apply foundation,concealer, powder, blush all together and still look natural? Somehow when I apply foundation and concealer, I look like I have been painted on with nude nail polish. But just powder alone does not suffice to hide dark circles, spots and discoloration. I cannot afford to waste trials on expensive brands. I tried MAC once. Didn't work.What do I do? What mistake am I doing?

    1. LOL...nude nail polish XD

      Maybe they're not the right shades for your skin tone, or applying too much? A good blending brush does help even out everything & make sure your skin is well moisturized before applying makeup


    2. Ok. Thank you. Will try lesser and moisturize. Blending brush will be my next buy:)

  3. beautiful...n nice suggestion cynthia

  4. thank you a million cynthia..they are awesome and very helpful indeed :) i will definitely let you know how it turns out after the wedding :)
    thanks a million again <3 and you are really a great help~

    1. Happy to help ... Ok do lemme know how it turns out :)



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