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Prom Makeup For Red/Gold Dress ~ Reader Query

I'm only 17, but i kinda have a secret obsession with makeup. i have a drawer FULL of makeup that i really dont have anywhere to wear to cause i'm still in high school. ( i mean plenty of people wear a lot of makeup, but it's horrendous. Your eyes will BLEED. ) 

i live in the U.S. and my prom is May 13th. (friday the 13th, hehe:) )
and i needed suggestions for makeup. I'm wearing a red and gold dress that i've attached as a pic (i admit that it looks very indian. the lady making it for me had trouble making it. lol)

I was thinking a gold smokey eye type thing with black eyeliner, and since i usually dont wear much eye makeup my eyes were gonna be the focus. So i was thinking a toned down blush and lip. I've always wanted to try a nude lipgloss. and I'm pretty dark (compared to white americans, ha) and idk what blush color would go with my skintone that wouldn't upstage my eyes. I hope you can help, and please tell me if any of my ideas are wrong. thanks! 

What you're thinking sounds good, except for the gold smokey eye. My tips for you:
  • Eyes ~ I suggest you keep the gold to a minimum. It's for Prom, so you don't want to look too 'bridal' or 'Indian occasion', you know what I mean? I suggest you apply a dull gold eyeshadow only on the inner corners/tear duct area. With that, apply a medium brown eyeshadow all over lids and your lower lash line, a darker brown on the crease & outer half of bottom lash line, line your eyes with a black matte eyeshadow or gel liner instead of liquid eyeliner for a softer look, apply a soft black liner on waterline & smudge it a little for the smokey look. Use the same to tightline as well.. Finish with 2-3 coats of black mascara.
  • Blush ~ Go for a natural blush with a brown undertone, that will give your cheeks a little bit of color without looking like you had applied blush. When I'm wearing a bold eye or bold lip and I want to wear a powder blush, I use my favorite technique I like to call peek-a-boo blush. Apply it under the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones, and blend it upwards a little, so it looks like it's peeking and not really in-your-face. Pick shades like ~ Inglot Liquid Blush #82, Lakme Cheek Artist Kiss Of A Rose, Colorbar Just Earth
  • Lips ~ Yes, a nude lipgloss is best. Red is a no-no in this case. Not just because you're only 17, but  because it would look too much even for a 40 year-old.
Celeb makeup you can copy- Deepika Padukone:

She's wearing a very traditional gold/red/pink outfit, but you see no gold on her face. Her simple peachy makeup will also go with an Oscar gown. I think the lippie shade goes really well with the outfit. There's a whole bunch of nude lip glosses out there, so I don't know which one to recommend exactly. Just look for something with a peach or brown undertone. I did some googling and found a really pretty shade I have in mind for you- see here. You can get that, or a similar shade, for yourself.

Hope this helps you and anyone else who's planning to wear a red & gold outfit anytime soon. Have fun at your prom! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


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  4. That was a great suggestion Cynth :)

  5. soo cute - you get readers ask for your opinion on what to wear on prom ;) love it! And awesome suggestions from your part. I would say exactly the same things ;)

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