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J'Adore.... Oh, Lola! New Perfume & Parisian Cushion

Bonjour! J'Adore ze Oh,Lola! Oui, ze Marc Jacobs. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir.
That's how I French it up when I'm alone. Oui! I look at myself in the mirror, and feel like a pro.
Anyways, 2 pretty things I'm j'adoring right now in one post..... 
Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Sunsheer EDP(Limited Edition) ~ I went to check out Vera Wang Lovestruck, but ended up falling in love with this instead. The hard plastic deep berry flowers on Lovestruck put me off it. I don't know, they just looked tacky and un-Vera Wang-like. Oh,Lola! Sunsheer smells like raspberries, pears & vanilla- LOVE! Both bottle & scent are totally my type.  Price: £37.60 | Rs.3450 for 50ml from Escentual
Primark J'Adore Cushion ~  How pretty is this cushion?! I had to get it! Bed sheets & duvet covers are also available in that print, and I will go get them even though I have no idea how I'll pack them when I leave Scotland! But I must have them. Yes, mine!  Price: £4 | Rs.367. 

Have a good week!


  1. OMG! the packaging is so cute!! love it <3

  2. I love this one!!..Don't have it...a friend does...and it smells lovely on her...
    Had the original Lola..hated it..This one must be lighter I guess..

  3. Hmmm...kinda curious on this one. I wonder what is the scent of it. I hope I can get samples of it and if it suits my taste then I'll purchase one. Love to collect perfumes.

  4. great review. By da way u hav a great way of making things look adorable....:-)

  5. hey are prego girl....why r u not showing urself in outfit posts these days....

  6. I loved the cushion..its soo pretty! I love pastel bedhsheets , they look so cool

  7. loved the perfume bottle & the cushion looks so cute :)

  8. I designed this cushion :-) follow me on fb!


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