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Temptation Of The Month!

I died for a minute when I first saw this. That means my heart skipped more than a beat. It was as if it was clutched by this cute ... giant ... ladybug. That giant ladybug is Marc Jacobs' new perfume Dot. Oh-my-bows! Never in my life have I wanted something so badly! I thought to myself- "Given the chance, I'd kidnap Marc Jacobs and hold him hostage just so he'd give/sell it to me RIGHT NOW." Oh yes I would.
And then I wondered "Why didn't he name it Ladybug, instead of Dot?" But maybe the bug is already taken.
Launching this July, the new scent will be called Dot,  a "sister" to his insanely popular Daisy and Lola scents. 

It features notes of red berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom, vanilla, driftwood, and musk. "There’s a juicy, lush quality to it because it felt like the right spirit for this bottle", Marc Jacobs said. 

Breaking from the floral motif of his other scents, Dot's bottle is meant to be reminiscent of a ladybug with butterflies landing on it. "A dot is timeless and a pattern I always love, and round shapes are always beautiful. I liked the idea of these hybrid butterfly-ladybugs, which suggest a sort of free spirit and femininity and playfulness. And, of course, ladybugs mean good luck," he said.

Oh July, come faster. Pretty please.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Me saw huge posters at d mall n went to heaven for a moment i thought thank god i didnt buy d others :P i'll save for this.....

  2. wow!! omg a new perfume, I love the packaging I hope it smells good as I do love the daisy, so it will be hard to beet.

    Rose x

  3. This is one tempting looking thing. *_*

  4. OMG!!!It looks amazingly pretty...Leave alone fragrance, most of the girls would be buying this because of the bottle...Any idea about its cost??

    1. No idea yet..but around $45, I'm guessing


  5. omg, one of the prettiest perfumes I've ever seen!
    Hope I like the fragrance too...

  6. Looks like I'm not alone :D. Let's hope it smells as good as it looks!



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