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Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Medium Blonde Review & Comparison With Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I used Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Medium Blonde 175 in October last year and wanted to post the review ASAP, but then I got busy. I bought it in Singapore as it was on sale. 

I was extremely excited to use it! Look how gorgeous that color looks! Of course I knew it was going to be darker on me, duh....that's exactly what I was aiming for- a cool dark blonde (Daydreams: I'd curl my hair & look like a doll or like those pretty Korean girls....hmm....)

Wait for it.
It came with the usual stuff: Color, Developer, After-color Conditioner & Gloves


I applied it and.... Good God, my head felt like it had CHILLY PASTE on it. At first, I was in denial and convinced myself it was actually a "cooling sensation" I'm feeling. NOT! It was not. It's like something frickin' spicy was on my head- Curry + Menthol? Salsa?


Me: How is my hair color? [While walking on the street during the day.]
My tactful hubby:  Err...Nice. It looks... orange. Nice. 
Me:  Grrr

The color looked too brassy especially in the sun. But it did look good only under tube light/blue light, I'll give it that. Obviously I got the color changed at a salon a few weeks later-  Loreal Dark Blonde, which is my current hair color & needs to be touched up too.

Below is a comparison with Liese Bubble Hair Color in Chiffon Beige, which I loved.....

L- Liese Chiffon beige, R- Revlon Luminista Medium Blonde

Do you see the obvious difference? Liese Chiffon Beige is a much cooler color and is what Luminista Medium Blonde should also look like AND we can all see which is more shiny & healthy-looking, right?

Conclusion: Luminista is the most disappointing/infuriating at-home hair color I have ever used.

Price ~ Rs.600-700
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 2/5

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. omg! glad you are ok after the spicy experience.scary!!!! thanks for the review. i did like the former colour better. you are right.

  2. I have to bleach my hair to a light yellow to colour it the way I do and even then the 30 vol peroxide just itches. I don't know what kind of toxic concoction this has to be for it to burn. O.o Scary! The Liese colour definitely looks better and your hair looks healthier there too!

    1. I know! It was the first time a hair color did that to me...n I have colored so many times


  3. Aww...doesn't sound like a good experience at all :(

  4. Hi Cynthia- sorry you had a bad experience with Luminista. I think I tried this before and yes- I also didn't like it that much. I had much luck with Loreal. Anyways- it wasn't bad at all and for sure you can color it after some time.

    Hugs from Manila:)

    1. Hi Miss J, yes Loreal is definitely better. Thanks...and hugs to u too xx :)


  5. if you dont want a warm result steer clear of anything labeled natural blonde or warm blonde or golden blonde. They always turn up waaay too orange on darker hair colours (even if you have dyed it before)

  6. oh my! i want this hair! did you bleach it? :)


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