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The Dress That Came Back To Me..... [A Story Of Hope]

This is not just a shopping story. It's a story of hope.
Last December, on Boxing Day (26th Dec), I saw this Butterfly Skater High Low Dress in Jane Norman, adored it, but Size 6 wasn't available. I went home and checked online, but nada. I wrote about it here, and was quite upset about it.
Since there's no Jane Norman store her in Dundee, I've sort of stopped browsing their website regularly. On the 23rd, a few days ago, Jane Norman posted in Facebook about their new revamped website. I went, instantly clicked on the SALE tab as usual, browsed, and saw this dress, again! Size 6 was available! I couldn't believe it! I added to cart immediately along with another black lace dress that was also on sale. But I removed the lace dress, because it didn't beat my River Island Lace Dress. Umm...nope, no regrets.
As I waited for the butterfly dress to be delivered, I felt unsure, anxious and paranoid. Maybe it's a technical/website mistake...maybe it's not really a Size 6...maybe it's a defective piece...maybe they mail back and say it's out of stock and they'll refund my money... maybe I only dreamt about my purchase and it didn't really happen, let me go check my email again...maybe... aargh! Seriously, yesterday I actually had a headache and felt a little feverish, and I took a Crocin.
It reached me finally, and it's perfect! It's just a little immodestly low, but it can be taken in at the shoulders. Other than that, it fits perfectly, and the high-low ratio is also perfect for my petite frame. 
Look at the pink tissue paper with hearts!

The gold belt has no holes, so it can be adjusted freely

Price ~ £12 + £3.99 (shipping) = £14.79 (they also gave some discount on the total) | Rs.1346. [Original price was £40 | Rs.3642.]
Oh! I also found a cropped denim jacket that I'd been longing for. In the movie Safe Haven, Cobie Smulders (Robin from HIMYM) wore this jacket.....
I love everything about it. You don't see quarter sleeves on cropped denim jackets very often. I saw it on Jane Norman that same day.....
.... and I would've pounced, but it was only available in a Size 18. Next day, I checked again (why am I like this??!!), and that was also gone! I am still kicking myself that I didn't see it sooner! Sigh, it would have looked fab over this dress too, no?
Maybe someday.....Okay, I won't jinx it. But ya, if you see a denim jacket egg-jackly like that anywhere, please holler at me! 
[Yes, the print & fabric is the same as that top I wore here.]

Moral Of This Story: If you want it bad enough, it will come to you. Most times, when you least expect it.

If you need more proof, go read my story from 2010- 'The Zara Dress That Waited For Me' here.

So, what do YOU want very badly right now? =)


  1. It;s so pretty! I love high low dresses and skirts. Hope you get the jacket too :)

  2. I want something really badly ..and i will tell you when it comes <3

  3. Liked it.. I have some many thinbgs that i want badly.. I hope they come to me soon.. :)

  4. such a pretty dress! looking fwd to ur OOTD with this! <3

  5. It's gorgeous! Will love to see an ootd with this. ^_^

  6. Nars orgasm.... come to me!!! hehehe

    i saw a similar JAcket in ASOS. I got a full proper denim jacket recently from them - at that time they had a cropped one too!

  7. I loooved the dress Cynthia. I really want something reallllllly good to happen to all of us :)


  8. I remember the Zara dress story and now I am amazed at this. If you find that denim jacket, I'll assure I'll fall off my chair for you :)

  9. beeeautiful! GREAT that you could buy it <3

  10. Love that jacket. I also used to shop at Jane Norman regularly and sometimes had to force myself to walk by as I knew I would end up buying something. Obviously not such a problem now as the Scottish branches have closed but I did consider buying from their online shop as have done before.



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