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IKEA India Haul (Decor) ~ My First Time

By popular demand, here's my IKEA Haul, that I did while in Hyderabad.

My first ever visit to an IKEA store. That too, years agter I wrote this post in 2013! So it is a monumental day...haha.
For those who don't know, there's only one IKEA store in India right now.

Firstly, OH MY GOD! It was an overwhelming, one-of-a-kind experience shopping there!
The store was HUGE! So huge, it felt like an industrial factory. 
I read it has a "Cafe", and this cafe is like a food court! You could literally live in the store for days! 😁

I loved the furniture & a lot of heavy things, but sadly we could only pack small things in suitcases.

IKEA could be opening their 2nd store in Gurgaon, which is where I'm at. So....I shall wait.
Maybe, then, I'll move into a brand new house, and fill it with Ikea everything, who knows.

In the meantime, here are the little things I managed to pick up in less than 2 hours.......

Rotera Lantern, ₹229 (Link here

Blomdoft Scented Block Candles, ₹399 (Link here

Collage 3-piece Frames, ₹399 (Link here)   

Kaxholmen White frame, ₹449 (Link here)   

Clear Glass Vase, ₹79 (Link here)

Artificial Carnations ₹49, each (Link here)

White house Hanging Decoration ₹199 (Link here

Kids Stuff for Zii:

Vinterfest Snow Globe, ₹499 (Link here)   

Air Balloon Pattern Quilt Cover & Pillowcase, ₹1490 (Link here

The Lillabo Express Storybook, ₹199 (Link here

Lillabo 20-piece Train Set, ₹899 (Link here

Battery Operated Locomotive , ₹499 (Link here
This attaches to the trains above.You need it if you want them to move on their own.
So cute!

And also some pastel cups, glasses & cutlery sets ~ links here, here & here


My favourites are the photo frames, for sure & the candles smell so good.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

I started watching a new historical tv series ~ Versailles, which is quite interesting so far.
I was watching The Crown & I found it quite boring.

If you eat McDonald's, do watch The Founder. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Until next time.....


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