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Beauty Haul: Lakmé, MAC, Maybelline, Kiko, Innisfree

Remember a long time ago, when I'd go shopping & then come back pictures....and immediately post them on the blog? I remember I'd go to Boots & Superdrug, and sometimes I left home too late & walked to the city center, and I'd reach there just when they're closing - at 6 PM! I'd stand outside, give them a sad look, and they'd shake their heads & sternly mouth: "No, sorry, we're closed."
This didn't happen just one time, by the way.

Well, those days are back! And luckily, I'm in India now, where shops close at 10 PM! Although, last time I was in Kiko Milano, during the curfew days when shops had to close by 7:45-8 PM, a salesman had to tell me, "Ma'am, please finish soon, we're closing in 15 minutes." - this type of pressure on me made me buy a glitter lip balm, instead of something I'd really use & love, you know.

:::: Makeup ::::

Lakmé  Precision Lip Paint, #201 Deep Fuchsia ~ This is so pigmented & intense...OMG! I just realized I should've opened it for these pics, SORRY! But I'll post swatches next.
Price: ₹650

Lakmé Cooling Eyeconic Insta Cool KajalDeep Black ~ Yet to try this.
Price: ₹225

MAC In Extreme Dimension 24-HR Kajal Eye Liner ~ It is really smudge-proof & the softness is similar to Lakmé Kohl Ultimate.
Price: ₹675

Kiko Milano Ray Of Love Sparkling Lip Balm ~ From their Valentine's Day Collection. It's just a very pale pink balm with gold glitter, not really something beneficial.
Price: ₹990 (50% off)

Kiko Milano Dolce Diva Long Lasting Lip Colour, #01 Natural Rose ~ AMAZING! Dries to a powdery, lightweight finish. Very similar to my favourite matte liquid lipstick, Stila Stay All Day.
Price: ₹1190

Kiko Milano Lip Volume Plumping Effect Lip Cream, #01 Tutu Rose ~ I got both clear and this pale pink shade, and I might prefer them to any other lip balm.
Price: ₹750

Maybelline Define & Blend Brow Pencil, NB-1 (Natural Brown) ~ A slanted brow pencil with a spoolie attached. For the price, it's very good. If you have darker brows, get the Grey Brown shade.
Price: ₹349

Maybelline the Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, Very Black (Waterproof) ~ Love it! Compared to the original Falsies Mascara, this has a double-curved brush, which gives the lifted lash look. Right now, the best drugstore mascara for me.
Price: ₹549

:::: Skin ::::

Lakmé Vitamin C+ Facial Serum ~ Give me 14 days to test this out properly, and I'll come back with the verdict.
Price: ₹599 (discounted from Amazon)

Garnier Vitamin C Booster Serum ~ very unsure about this, even though this bottle is almost finished. Smells nice - citrusy & fresh. I need some more time to really find out if it does anything good for my skin.
Price: ₹225 (15ml)

Innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing Eye Serum ~ Nearly at the very bottom of this one. Can't even pump it anymore. It's overpriced, imho. I feel like we're paying for the packaging more. Not something I'd repurchase.
Price: ₹2180 
*(I'm now shocked at myself for buying at this price!)

Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser ~ Love it, doesn't give that dry & tight feel after cleansing
Price: ₹900

Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Lotion ~ I find this very soothing, when I don't want to apply anything fancy & high profile, you know what I mean? As in, just.a.simple.hydrating.lotion.
Price: ₹1200
*I love the entire Innisfree Cherry Blossom Collection, including the Tone Up Cream, Jelly Cream & Skin - smells lovely & a very wholesome range.

:::: Hair ::::

Innisfree Don't Worry No-Sebum Dry Shampoo (Green Floral) ~ I loved the previous smaller Innisfree dry shampoo, and was gonna repurchase it, but they sell this instead now. It doesn't leave any white residue & it has more natural ingredients (which, I'm hoping, won't add to my hair loss)
Price: ₹1150

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Repairing Hair Mist (for damaged hair): So far, I'm liking it. It helps detangling & makes my bleached end look less dry & damaged, and it doesn't weigh down my hair.
Price: ₹990

I'm very excited to try the Lakmé Vitamin C Serum 🤞

I'll be posting some of these products individually in upcoming posts.

Happy Weekend, all! 😘


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  1. Hi Cynthia,
    Woww nothing more satisfying like a haul blog.Ty for the post.waiting for the Lakme vitC review.
    A fan, always 💕

    1. Hi Donching! :)
      Thanks for stopping by & for the love :*. Yeah, will post it as soon as I'm sure about how it works on me.



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