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Shopping From The Kids' Section | Midnights with CZ Part-III

I'm not ashamed to say I frequent the kids' section of every brand. 
I've bought t-shirts, dungarees, coats, jackets.....socks, gloves, snoods.....
I even checked out some Indian wear recently, before Diwali, and the salesman 
was like: "Itni fitting nahi hoti aapke liye." (or something like that). 
Of course not, I said to him. It was a 10-12 Yrs size, and I need a 12-14 Yrs
Woh fitting acchi ayegi. 
The look he gave me. He'll never understand.

If you're a little petite woman, and sometimes a UK 6 just doesn't cut it, or a fitted jacket is never truly fitted on you & ankle pants need to be chopped off at least 2 inches, you'll understand.

Here are a few of the things I managed to click pictures of - in August! That's when I was gonna put this post up......

Wrinkled t-shirt. Text - 'Create Your Own Dream'

Yellow Top with Organza Sleeves ~ ZARA
Floral Culottes ~ ZARA. I also have them in plain pink.
Track Sole Sneakers ~ ZARA. So comfy!
Denim Jacket (with stretch) ~ H&M
Create Your Own Dream T-shirt with Tulle Motif ~ ZARA

Clothes Sizes are mostly 13-14 Yrs (...or 10-12 Yrs)
Shoes Size: UK 2

Every Friday at OR anytime after 00:00 IST

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

Until next time.....


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