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In the midst of a burgeoning disinterest in almost everything, a messed-up sleep schedule, becoming a background kindergarten teacher, 5-inch dark roots that keep screaming a hair colourist's name, zero mojo to finish drafted blog posts, and an entire SOUL that wants to be set free in Ambience Mall (or rather, where the air pressure is low & the fasten seatbelt sign is lit).... scratch that,  safe home/safe nearby mall is all that's needed.....

There are little hidden sanity keepers.....

* SECRET to feeling balanced during a stressful time  :
Eliminate TMI (too much information). You don't need to read all news, 
you don't need to view all Instagram stories/Whatsapp statuses. 
Avoid gossip accounts or deactivate some apps altogether.

* SECRET to dealing with nil mall shopping :
AJIO. Shopper's Stop. 
SAVE for bigger & bigger things, maybe?

SECRET to finding something to watch on TV :
365 DNI. You'll maybe regret watching it, but still want a sequel.
Defending Jacob
Behind The Candelabra
The Sinner, Season 1
Big Bang Theory - It is as good as Friends.
Self Made
Love Is Blind (the only reality series I could get through)
DON'T bother with Season 2 of Four More Shots Please & that movie 'The Lodge'. Ugh!
*Added later: The Twelve (binge worthy!)

SECRET to stop maskne (acne due to mask, mainly on chin area) :
Wash your face with warm water as soon as you take off the mask.
Apply a toner by patting it on your face with your fingers (not with cotton)
Apply a gentle soothing moisturizer, perhaps something with aloe vera or green tea.
Wash masks often.

SECRET to getting your kid to do school work :
Bribes - candy, ice-cream, a little toy, hide & seek/treasure hunts with you.
No video games allowed until 2 worksheets are completed.

SECRET to feeling less anxious/bored :
Sleep more. Play Solitaire. 
Write down your thoughts.
Be grateful for the good things.

SECRET to dealing with lockdown weight gain :
It's okay. You're dealing with more.
Now is not the time to deny yourself anything.
(Most of them don't really workout or eat healthy, anyway - it's only for social media posts.)

SECRET to removing feelings of not doing enough :
Pause. Take a shower. Put on your favourite pyjamas/lingerie. Make a nice cup of tea. 
Paint your nails. Indulge in a silly hobby. Put on a face mask. Read. Sleep. Just publish the blog post already!
Anything that makes you feel better.
Sometimes, just taking care of yourself is doing enough.

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Until next time,

Take Care & Stay Safe, everyone!


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  1. Hi Cyn, Finally I get sometime to myself and I remembered to check in on ur blog,reminiscing the times when you had time to update as much as u could and I would have all the time in the world to read and enjoy. Fan forever.when all this bad times are over, I hope to see frequent blogs from u. Stay safe.

  2. Hi Donching! Happy to hear from you & thank you for visiting & reading, always. Hope you're doing well & staying safe. Yeah, when the bad times are over & everything goes back to normal, all the motivation & blogging mojo will come back again :)...x


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