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NIVEA Soft Light Moisturiser LIMITED EDITION

Was at a pharmacy buying medicines, and saw these mini Nivea creams in a pack. Been wanting to try one of the limited edition ones, so this is a great way to find which one I like best.

I use them only for hands & body, not for face.

Berry Blossom (pink)
Tropical Fruit (yellow)
Chill With Mint (green)
Vitamin E (white)

My favourite is, Tropical Fruit. 

Price ~ I think around ₹200-250. Its a 4 for 3 pack.

Have a good week, everyone! 

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  1. Hi .. have been following you for a very long time … had not been regular on your boos for a while .. I don’t know how I lost you …. But just happened to come across your blog again and am so happy to read the blog again


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