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Skincare Organizer ~ Rose Gold

I wanted a portable skincare organizer which isn't acrylic or plastic + would look alright on the vanity, and I think that's sorted for now. You don't know how many times I almost knocked these bottles off the table, because I was keeping them all over the place!

This basket tray is actually real stainless copper.

I keep cotton pads in that tin container, which was a birthday gift from my friends.

Real Copper Organizer Tray & Pop-up Cotton Swab Dispenser: From Viny Pop, a store like Miniso Japan.

Copper Organizer: Rs.550 
(They had a whole set of copper organizers too - pen/brush holder & a smaller basket tray like this)

Cotton Swab Dispenser: Rs.250

If you're interested, you can check out some rose gold organizers on Amazon India HERE

If you're new, and eyeing my skincare products, you can check out my skincare post HERE

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  1. Please share your k-skincare products.

  2. Nice organizer. I heard that if you use skincare that has active ingredients, they must not be exposed to light if they're in transparent containers... what do you think?

    1. That is actually true. Cool, dark & dry place is better for them. I kept one product in the bathroom shelf & it started turning brown.



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