Did you know SHALLOTS are just frickin' ONIONS?
Until recently, I always thought they were....like....seafood. 
I made this connection in my own head:
I thought they came in a shallow shell type thingy.
Like oysters.

That's just one filler thought in my head - when I'm not thinking about beauty products & opening Myntra app again to check "What's New" & other complicated life stuff.

So, here are the BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS I've used lately. I planned to say 2018, but it's kinda late now. I threw in 17 random products in here, although the are A LOT more which are for other posts.

1.  It's Skin Green Tea Watery Emulsion ~ At one point, I was doing everything for my skin, and yet it's somewhat dry & flaky from time to time, especially with makeup on. This was the only product that solved that problem. So, if you have super dry skin, an emulsion might be the answer.  | Price: Rs.990.

2. L'Oreal Liss Unlimited Pro Keratin Smoothing Cream ~  I've stopped using serums on my hair, because I realized they dry out my strands after a day or two. This is perfect, because it works as a leave-in conditioner & heat protectant + reduce the static on my hair these days. It also has silver shimmer for some glam. | Price: Rs.510.

3. COLORBAR Nude It Rose Clay Mask ~ I will talk about this in detail in another post. For now, I'll just say this is exactly how I imagined a pink rose mask would be like. It comes with a very nice tiny brush too. | Price: Rs.450

4. YOKO Salt Spa Scrubs ~ I got 2 of these - Yogurt Milk & Aloe Vera. Both have collagen & Vitamins, etc. I've used the Yogurt one more, and it has managed to lighten underarms + prevented allergies that I often get. If your skin is highly sensitive & prone to heat rashes & what not, try using a salt scrub....because now I believe salt does kill all bacteria (.....and eels too, did you know that?!) In India, you'll find these online & some pharmacies that stock imported stuff. | Price: Rs.250

5. Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder ~ I was on the fence with this one. To be honest, that's mainly because I hadn't used the coveted Ben Nye Banana Powder yet, and I don't value dupes & copies as much. But it just kept creeping up in my makeup routine, brightening & setting everything nicely. I already got my money's worth & can't fault it. | Price: Rs.850.

6. MAYBELLINE Total Temptation Mascara (Waterproof) ~ Got this because Maybelline Falsies Mascara was out of stock, and it's just as good - albeit a little dry. I'd still pick Falsies mascara over it, but in case they've discontinued it..... | Price: Rs.525.

7. FENTY BEAUTY Match Stix Matte Skinstick Bamboo ~ The most non-cakey stick base product I've ever used. It blends so well, and the coverage is buildable, so it works likes a concealer & an all-over base. Other Fenty Beauty products posted here. | Price: 

8. FOREVER 21 Sharpener ~ This heart-shaped sharpener has 2 sharpeners - small for eye pencils & big for crayon pencils. | Price: Can't remember, maybe Rs.150

9. INNISFREE Skinny Longlongcara ~ It's a mascara with a very skinny brush, that you can use for lashes & brows. There are a few more variants of tiny mascaras like this at Innisfree, like one with a curved brush. Mascara-ing my bottom lashes is problemo no mo.

10. LAKME Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Eye Definer Onyx~ No need for Urban Decay eye pencils, this is THE kohl pencil to own. It is so silky & black & doesn't smudge (much) | Price: Rs.900

11. DUO Eyelash Adhesive (Dark Tone) ~ This is only for Rs.225-250, so I don't know if it's an original product or China-made. Okay, let's face it, probably China-made. I got it from a beauty store in GK M-Block Market, Delhi. I love it because it sticks my false lashes well + it doesn't hurt when I take them off.

12. Peri Pera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow #002 Candy Cane  ~ Superfine glitter in a bottle. I WANT MORE! One from every brand that makes them.

13. FENTY BEAUTY Kabuki Brush ~ What sets this apart from all my past kabuki brushes is, it's stubby & dense but still fans out, which makes blending quick & effortless.

14. VASELINE Cocoa Glow Moisturising Cream ~ Body Butters are forgotten now. It's thick & creamy & whipped-dessert-like.... every time I use it, I actually say, "Mmm, yummy." | Price: Rs.230

15. MAYBELLINE Master Chrome Highlighter Molten Rose Gold ~ It's okay if I don't get to use any other highlighter in this life time. I'm super content with this one. More so than MAC Soft & Gentle MSF. | Price: Rs.550

16. COSLUXE Tap Sheer Better Concealer #02 Walnut ~ BEST HIGH COVERAGE CONCEALER. It is a matte-finish thick-ish concealer, which covers dark spots/patches & stays put amazingly well. You can just apply & tap, tap, tap. Cosluxe is a Thai brand. This concealer wasn't even expensive. I imagine the famous Tarte Shape Tape Concealer to be like this, but that's just in my head. Let me get my hands on that to prove my instinct right - one hopes.

17. VICTORIA'S SECRET Eau So Sexy Rollerball Perfume ~ Lastly, a perfume I overlooked at first because I was too in love with Bombshell. And yes, it does smell kinda sexy.

*I'm sorry, I can't remember the prices of some products.* 


That's it for today. I might do a WORST PRODUCTS post too, but.... I don't know..... I'm working on being a kinder person this year.... hahah!


Speak to you EVERYDAY starting today =)


  1. If you like liquid glitter eye shadows, you HAVE to try out the Colourpop Supernova ones. Even the ultra glitter ones in the Supershock shadows are fab. Also, don't you think the Cocoa Glow smells like Bailey's ;)

    1. Oh, and welcome back to the blogosphere. I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed you <3

    2. OMG! Yes, Bailey's! I was trying to put a finger on it! Haha!
      Thanks Dollie, I will surely check out the Colourpop ones <3 <3


  2. That LAKME Absolute Eye Definer in the shade Onyx is my favorite too. Perhaps, the only Lakme product I bought in ages.... Welcome back to blogging!! I love your blog photography and write ups...was missing you around <3

    1. Thanks Renji! And ya, Onyx is amazing...would love to try other shades too :)


  3. I was waiting for your post and pictures like anything... ❤️

    1. Missed reading your comments Shikha! Hope you're doing good <3


  4. The new Body Shop Body Butters are good enough to eat and surprisingly hydrating without being sticky. Perfect for summers. Loving the strawberry one! Enjoyed this post and will be checking in everyday!

    1. TBS Body Butters are the best ones for sure. Vineyard Peach is my favorite! <3 Thanks...and see you! :)


    2. Sorry, I meant the new range of Body Yogurts. They are super light: https://www.thebodyshop.in/body-yogurt.html

  5. Hey, you!!! You were missed so much <3 WElcome back!!!!!

  6. I love your posts <3 buying the vaseline cocoa glow now :)

  7. I have soo been waiting for ur posts..!! Hope u r doing gr8..!


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