Before I Turn 37......

Hey you all! Hope you're doing good. Me, I'm doing great, but I just can't deal with the fact that it's  already my birthday month again! How does time move so fast??! I haven't even finished writing my birthday wishlist from last year!

How do I feel about turning 37 in 2.5 weeks? Almost the same as when I turned 36, to be honest. I feel like it's like a filler age of the late 30's. Like I'm in the middle of a see-saw, and I'm.....umm, I can't complete that analogy articulately. That's how dull & irrelevant it feels like.

So....as you can see, I'm still in the gingham phase, and although I bought 2 other gingham clothing  items, I promise this is the last one I'll be posting here. I shall control myself & my 60's fixation.
But right now, please at least appreciate the matching earrings & shorts. 

Falling into 37 like..... 
(Ohhh! That's me in the middle of that see-saw.)

Top/Shorts/Earrings: Forever 21
Sunglasses: H&M (old)
Lipstick: Deborah Milano Fluid Velvet Mat Lipstick 10 Loud Coral. Shown here.

Blog again soon! 


  1. Yaaay! Birthday month, Happy Birthday to you in advance, may you always be blessed. Lots of love

  2. 37? I can't believe it. You even don't look like 30. Happy birthday and stay blessed! :)

  3. 23rd May, is it?
    You look exactly the same as you did 9 years back! You inspired me (and still do!) to experiment with my looks and your vanity has always been a source of inspiration (I used to save money and buy that one thing that Cynthia recommended ^-^). When you recommend something..I know this is for real and I can blindly purchase it! Thank you for always been around and keep writing..I still always read your posts to reminisce the golden blogging days that has been left far behind :D
    Bless you and keep spreading that happiness and positivity! :)

    1. Hi Palak! :) It's 22nd May. You're so sweet, and I'm happy you trust my recommendations :D .... I will keep blogging as much as much as I can make time for it. God bless you too....hugs & kisses :* :*


  4. You are goals! I'm 10 years younger than you but you look younger than me!!! Please do a post of your diet and fitness regime (if you have any).

    1. Nahhh...I'm sure I don't look younger than you! Haha... tbh, I don't have any regime as such. I'm like one of those people who will work out once a year & eat whatever I want. But I am trying to get into shape, because I really do need to. So will do the post if I have something to say about the same :D


  5. Happy Birthday in advance! You don't look a day above 18! Excellent genes you've got there! :D


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