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Maybelline Gigi Hadid Collection Haul

I got these last month.
I wanted to post pics of this entire collection, including the palettes, but the New U store I went to had just these that I picked up. Looking at the the lack of color in these pics now
Let's see if I can find the rest at Lifestyle.

Mcall Lipstick: It's a very nude shade, almost like MAC's Myth on my lips.  I also wanted to pick Taura, a deeper nude shade, so I can mix the 2 up, but it was sold out. The other shade available that day was Austyn (red), and I'm a bit off red lipsticks these days.

Gel Eyeliner Pencil: It's softer than the Colossal Pencil
Price: Rs.350

Maybelline Gigi Hadid Fibre Mascara: Apply 1 coat of black, then 1 coat of fibre, the black again. Repeat if required. It's amazing! I love it. The brush is the kind that doesn't smudge on the eyelids.
Price: Rs.699

Swatches: Gel Eyeline (Top), Mccall Lipstick (Bottom)

I LOVE the Fibre Mascara & Gel EyeLiner. I'm glad I got my hands on them, at least.
I will surely get another tube of the mascara.

Happy Friday & speak again soon! =)

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  1. The Gel eyeliner from the Gigi Hadid range looks bomb. Sadly most of the lippies won't suit me - rather I don't have the confidence to carry it.


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