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Confessions From A Beauty Salon

"Spread your legs.", she said, and we both burst out laughing.
She, amused.
Me, red-faced. 
Though it's not my first time.


Okay, we'll get to that later in the blog post. 

 I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time, just because I feel like not many people 
talk about salon services in detail. Most of the time, I never get a satisfying review 
or information on certain services/products that I'm curious about. 

So, I'm just gonna ramble about the things I've gotten done on myself, just to put it out there.
I say ramble, because this is a very hotchpotch blog post. Most of the photos are old. I had to search for them in my emails and computer, because I always had to clear out my phone's storage space (damn iphone!)


One Word: Rica 

I can't get enough of their White Chocolate Wax!
Ever since I started choosing this over the regular wax, my hair has been growing at a much slower pace, become softer, and my underarm hair have definitely lessened. 

This is the Rica Aloe Vera one, which I prefer lately, 
coz my legs are very easily agitated these days.

Doesn't matter how reputed the salon is or how experienced the person waxing your body/facial hair is. If the wax feels too hot, it is too hot and it will burn your skin....and like in one of my underarm waxing sesh, it will peel the skin off! (Which healed, thankfully!)

Price: Rs.1799 for full body. Depends on the salon.


L'Oreal Power Mix.
My hair was literally HEALED after the 1st treatment.
 I saw an ad for this on Instagram, and thought 'Okay, I feel I should try this!' My hair had become extremely dry & straw-like after my last hair coloring sesh, which involved a lot of bleaching. So the ends were all messed up! After this, I could detangle them easily again.
This is one hair treatment I'd highly recommend for damaged hair. 
Hair Spa couldn't do what this could.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that there are different types of Power Mix for different hair concerns. For colored hair, thinning hair, etc. I picked the Biotin Strengthening one. Only the base is the same, which is the white bottle. 

Price: Rs.1000 (which is only Rs.200 more than Hair Spa)


Facials are a waste of money, I always thought. Or, like, for older women with major wrinkles.
But one day, I wanted my face massaged badly. Don't ask me why, I just wanted my cheekbones eyebrows pinched....and I'd even seen some do a fluttery thing with their fingers over the eyes! I wanted all that. Therefore, I picked the cheapest facial on the menu....

Lotus White Glow Facial  
(Cleansing Milk, Scrub, Masque, Massage Creme)

I was pleasantly surprised afterwards....

- It smoothed out the texture of my skin.
- Bumps on my nose disappeared.
- Overall, my skin looked polished & glowy.

Definitely getting it done again.

Price: Rs.1199


Pedicures spoil my feet & toenails. There I said it. 
Yes, they're nice and relaxing and it's the best feeling ever, but after a while I noticed 
the balls of my feet cracked easily, there'd always be some dead skin that has to 
be sloughed off, and the surface of my toenails always had scratches on them.
Maybe the tubs at the salons aren't very sanitary.
Maybe my skin is too sensitive.
I don't know. But every since I stopped getting pedicures, my feet are normal again.

I think a foot file and scrub is all I'm gonna stick to from now on. 
No more Pedicures. Oww!


And now, we're back to the beginning....

The Bikini Wax

"Oh, F***!", I winced & covered my face, after the first strip.
"F*** ke matlab kya hai?", she asked while her hand pressed 
on skin, to numb the pain.
(Translation: What is the meaning of....)
"Umm...F*** ke matlab F*** hai.", I replied and toyed with the idea of telling her to stop
immediately -  it's okay, no more, we'll manage. Only briefly though, 
coz she was already applying the wax on the other side. 
Gosh, I hate her!

That's from my most recent session. But don't be scared, all's good in the end.

Most painful - The Pink Wax which is a bubblegum pink liposoluble wax. 
They apply the pink wax, when it hardens, they peel pull it off - no strips required.

Least Painful - Rica Brazilian Wax with Avocado, which is the same kind of wax, 
but it feels softer against the skin - at least for me personally.

***If you're going for the Rica Brazilian Wax, ask the therapist to use waxing strips to pull out simply because it's quicker & it's less painful that way. A just rip-the-band-aid-off kinda thing.

(Price: Rs.1499  from Urbanclap)

I did a post about 8 years ago HERE, and is one of the most discussed, so you can have a read at the comments if you want.


I get my hair washed & blow-dried at a salon every time I'm feeling stressed, or when I have a headache.... or I just simply want my head touched in a professional manner... haha!

A post shared by Cynthia Zacharica (@czloves) on

Last Notes......

-  The stylist doing my hair in the video has the softest hands, and I was kinda 
sad after she was done doing my hair. She's at LOOKS Salon in Cyber Hub
I forgot her name.

-  After hygiene, I judge a salon by the drinks they serve. And if they don't offer any,
I probably wouldn't visit again. I mean, they can't expect me to be awake & leave 
their salon after a head massage or a pedicure without caffeine. 
NEU Salonz even serve a biscuit with tea/coffee, now that's thoughtful.

-  When you're going in for a hair treatment consultation, they'll almost always recommend
 Kérastase first. Always Kérastase! Fusio-Dose....Fusio-Dose.... they'll keep pushing it on you.
No denying Kérastase is amazing, but it's more expensive than all the others, so they have to sell it more. If you can afford it, fine. But if L'Oreal or Matrix fits your budget more, don't be shy to refuse. Me, I tell them the minute they start pitching it to me: "I don't want Kérastase." =D

- Hair color, Rebonding, Keratin Treatment are services where you can bargain. At least here in Delhi/NCR areas. I've had them done multiple times in various salons, and each salon/stylist has a different price. They say 5k for global color, I say 3k. They say 2500 for root touch-up, I say 1500. They say 7k for ombre/bayalage, I say 5k. Sometimes I win or kinda win, other times I leave.

Unless I'm already at a salon, and booked with my go-to hair stylist, nowadays I prefer to 
get all other services done at home. Which means I turn to Urban Clap, most of the time. 
I have found a beauty therapist I like, and want to stick with. Yes, that one =D

That's all for today. I honestly wrote whatever came to mind in the end, 
whether it's relevant or not ;p

If you've got your own beauty salon confessions/horror stories, we'd all love to hear it! =)


  1. The Bikini Wax feeling is really very painful,.. Everytime I feel like from next time I wont be doing it, but it repeats :)

  2. Loved the post, Cynthia. What would you recommend as a hair treatment which would leave the hair looking like it was straightened, without all the frizz, and without having to do rebonding, would this LOreal Power mix be it?

    1. You could go for Power Mix to control the frizz -- pick the purple Liss one. But I doubt it'll look like it's straightened afterwards. However, you could always alternate between this & Hair Spa to maintain the sleek look. A Masque, serum & paddle brush help too.


  3. I miss you Cynthia <3
    May your dreams come true..

  4. Bare it all...
    Confessions.... talks from tjhe heart.


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