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Inexpensive Jewelry Haul

So I see my last Jewelry Haul post is from August 2014 (Post here)!
I'd stopped buying jewelry, except for a few stud sets & hoops from H&M every once in a while. 
And now, I'm kinda obsessed with big statement earrings. I want to wear a nath (big nose ring) too!

Btw, this is a collective haul. I bought these in a span of 4-5 months, not all at once.

H&M Gold Heart Hoop Earrings, Rs.399 ~ Love.

H&M Rose Gold Stud Set of 9 pairs, Rs.399

Forever New Pearl Hair Spiral Thingies, Rs.800 Rs.95 ~ I don't know when I'd wear these, and I have doubts that they'd stay on my hair, but for 95 bucks.... I felt like I gained something when I bought them ;p

Forever New Emma Charm Faux Suede Wrap Choker, Rs.1200 Rs.195 ~  I think it was priced around 400 rupees when I got it. Still available here 

Who buys beauty store jewelry??? Moi. 
I was getting me some It's Skin products at New U, and obviously I couldn't just walk up to the cash counter without getting sidetracked.

New U Earrings, Rs.349 ~  I find this long and short pair really interesting, and they were also available in black & pale pink. But not very good quality, because they already look tarnished even though I have not worn them.

New U Earrings, Rs.199 ~ I thought they look very shiny & Swarovski-like for 199 bucks.

Forever New Earrings, Rs.1200 Rs.295 ~ So heavy, they fall off my ears on their own, ladies! But aren't they so Great Gatsby.... and cheap? =D

Forever 21 Faux Stone Geo Stud Set, Rs.299 ~ MY FAVORITES! They are just so beautiful. They are bigger than regular stud earrings, and I think they look more expensive than 299.
Still available here 

The long necklace in the center is Forever New. I don't remember the price, but I got it on sale as well. It was most likely around R.1000-1200, and I bought it when it was 50% off.

Hope you liked this haul =)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. Forever 21 is having a sale on chokers! One for 99!!!! *adds 10 pieces to cart*

  2. Great article...Loved all the jewels..

  3. classy and minimal. that's your style <3

  4. Nice jewelry haul,.. Especially the Forever 21 Faux Stone Geo Stud Set...

  5. what a lovely haul...I love jewellery. Loved some of the ones you picked too.....Can't wait to check them

  6. Indian Jewelry online is nowadays attracting women towards more ethnic and silver jewelry which is becoming the trend.


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