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Gothic Glam Manicure

Nice Girl: "Wow, I love your nails! Where'd you get them done?"

Me: "Really?! I did them myself."

Nice Girl: "Cool! I could never do nail art on my own nails."

Me: "Me neither! This is not really nail art. It's just glitter."

Nice Girl: "Really?! It looks like crystals have been carefully placed, 
and the black tips look like leather!"


That convo made me look at my Lazy Girl Manicure differently, give it a name & a blog post.....

How To: 

1. Apply black nail polish only on the tips, like a French mani. 
I did it free hand, no sellotape (which would've made it straighter.)

2. Apply silver glitter nail polish on top.

I used these two nail paints.

Black tips ~  Colorbar #76

Glitter ~ Colorbar Arteffects #10 Retro Silver. 
I am so in love with this, I use it all the time now - over nude especially.

In case you missed my light hair, it's back! =D

And if you're interested in the lipstick that I'm wearing here, I applied 4-5 shades:
Lakme x Masaba Lip Pout Caramel Toffee as a base and blotted (pic here), then I dabbed lightly
MAC Please MeMAC Runway Hit & MAC All Fired Up, and blotted again.
This too is not lip art, I was just confused! ;p

Speak again soon!


  1. Now that's kind of glam. Love your nails!

  2. Yes,.. very nice,.. looks like nail art,.. Even I should try..

  3. Love your gothic look and you hair is gorgeous <3

  4. Oh, wow. The nails definitely give pro look. I noticed the hair color in the very first picture. Love it.


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