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Word-Of-Mouth Skin Secret/Dark Spot Lightener

This convo took place at a funeral, so please read it in a hush hush tone....


I know it's not a groundbreaking tip, and I myself have used it plenty before, but after hearing that it actually improved something, I'm looking at it with googly eyes now. I have more faith in it. 

That's what we want, isn't it? Confirmation that something will work before we commit to it? =)

So I applied it on my face 2 nights ago, 
I mixed it with rose water. 

The next morning:

~ My face was 2x brighter/clearer, and less oily. 
(None of my Korean Sleeping Packs has ever made my skin look all that at once!)

~ My forehead was itching and I could see a pimple ready to erupt before I used it - no signs of it afterwards! (This alone was enough for me.)
~ Blackheads on my nose were less noticeable.

I used:

 ~ Bio Organic Multani Mitti Powder (Rs.99)

 ~ Dabur Gulabari Rose Water (Rs.42/120 ml)
(I will try it with milk too sometimes)

Multani Mitti is Fuller's Earth
"It is a gentle exfoliating agent & a natural source of Magnesium Chloride that is known to reduce acne & blemishes. It is also known to reduce sun burn and inflammation, as well as destress and refresh the skin. Regular use helps to remove tan, reduce wrinkles and tighten pores."

It's natural, effective, and won't break the bank.

To those who are also seeing it in a new light now.....

We will be healed!!!


  1. Yes, it's nothing groundbreaking, but how many of us really use to it faithfully. I have been using Indus Valley Sandalwood face pack which contains fullers earth, sandalwood & calamine powder. It works so nicely on my oily + acne prone skin.
    Loved the picture :)

    1. Thanks Nisha! I'm liking the sound of calamine powder in that, so I must get it for myself too now :D


  2. I love mud masks,.. My super oily skin loves Multani Mitti face pack,.. Nice narration about Multani mitti :D

    1. Haha thanks Shilpa :D Glad it's working for you too!


  3. Such simple ingredients and how they beautify skin in a long run...

  4. I also want to start using it again but somehow it makes me feel itchy after taking it off of my face, even though I have a super oily skin!

    1. hey bhawna, maybe you should mix it with a bit of milk/curd and dont wait for it to get too dry.

    2. Not waiting for it to dry completely is actually a great idea. I find it quite itchy too when it dries, and I can't wait to wash it off!


  5. I love using this DIY is summers. It brightens the skin and zaps excess oil at the same time. A boon for oily skinned girls.


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