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Beauty HAUL | MAY

Hi, Everyone! =)

May is here, and so is I.

 I know, you all must be thinking wth, but I've been quite active on Instagram & Facebook. However, I am working on being more active here as well, because I do miss talking to you guys, and there are stuff I wanna talk about. You know, like what I really want for my birthday and stuff like that ;)

So, let's kick off my birthday month with a haul *claps* 
Honestly, I haven't been buying much beauty products for months, so this collective haul was like a treat, especially when an Emoji is involved :)


No Sebum Mineral Powder (Rs.570): Innisfree x Emoji Collection. A transparent powder oil control powder, which you can use on your oily scalp as well I was told.

Cushion Case (Rs.600): So many to pick from.....

Which one would you pick? 


Water Fit Cushion N27 (Rs.900): Shown in last pic below. This fits in the floral case. My shade is N27 Sand.

Pink Cushion Puff Set Of Two: I got these free with the cushion case & Cushion product.

Good Night For Good Day Sleeping Pack Collection (FREE with purchases): 3 10 ml tubes of sleeping packs - Aloe Revital, Green Tea & Wine Jelly.


Baby Lips Candy Wow Cinnamon (Rs.285)
The Falsies Push-up Waterproof Mascara (Rs.550)

La Roche-Posay

Effaclar Duo (+) (Rs.1500): You know how much I love the Effaclar. Seriously ladies & gents, this is the magic your acne spots need! If you'd like to read my review on the original Effaclar Duo, please click HERE

Deborah Milano

Fluid Velvet Mat Lipstick 01 Antique Rose, 10 Loud Coral, 04 Shocking Fuchsia (Rs.850 each) : Already obsessed with them! They are quite similar to Lime Crime Velvetines & NYX Lip Lingerie. They are available in 12 shades - all tempting! I kept sighing the whole time I was trying to decide which shades to finally pick!

Eyeliner Pencil #03 (Rs.350): Just a brown eye pencil I needed.

Gel Effect Nail Polish 01 (Rs.395): Pinky nude that I was craving.

7 Days Long Nail Polish 855 (Free)

I know where some of you are heading this weekend! ;)

Talk again soon! :*


  1. Reading your post I realize that even I need a mega haul. I just moved to Noida and the whole setting up a new home is getting on my nerves especially when painting is also being done simultaneously. Errhhhh....I am not the most organised person but now even I am irritated. I think I need to make a trip to the Mall of India.


    1. Hope you did your mega haul Shayoni :D ... and the home is coming along nicely! :)


  2. Love everything that you bought <3 where can I get the deborah lipsticks from?


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