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Chokers & Chances.....

What are the Chances that you catch a flu the day after someone you care about told you they're suffering from it?

What are the Chances that your child might be OCD?

What are the Chances that you end up liking someone you found absolutely obnoxious at first?

What are the Chances that you love fancy underwear a bit too much....more than clothes even?

What are the Chances that the passengers of MH370 are still alive....somewhere?

What are the Chances that the stranger standing behind you at a food counter might just be someone you're gonna say 'I miss you' to months later?

What are the Chances that I transform into Mr.Narendra Modi someday?

What are the Chances that the person writing all this thought-provoking shtuff is possibly a bit tipsy right now?

Blush Pink Suede Choker ~ Forever New, Rs.1000

Black Velvet Choker ~ H&M, Rs.699

Wire Choker ~ Claire's, Rs.1070 (came in a set of 3)

Studded Velvet Choker ~ Claire's, " (came in a set of 3)

I'd say my most favorite kind is the Forever New Blush Choker, and least favorite is the wire style, which I wouldn't have even bought had it not been part of a set.

"Girls be using anything as chokers nowadays. B**ch, where's my charger?!"

That's from a meme I saw somewhere on Instagram...haha!  
Seriously though, some "chokers" look absolutely ridiculous! I mean, if it looks like a neck brace, or a noose, or some vague metal monstrosity ...nah-uh!

Happy Friday, everyone! =)

Stay tuned for more posts that I'm very excited about - coming shortly.



What are the Chances that I may have published this post without proofreading it first & have forgotten what all I've written before this point?

*Sneezes 3 times.....sips wine....clicks publish*


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