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Too Pretty To Use.....

Started from beautifully designed makeup, now we're here! 
*insert see-no-evil monkey emoji*

Alright, we will not talk about those useless but pretty outer boxes we don't have the heart to throw away. 
(When I left the UK back then, I actually flattened a lot of them and tied them together nicely with a rubber band, so I could bring them back here. I have no idea where they are now!)

~ Cath Kidston Notebook, Rs.695

~ Cath Kidston Travel Cup, Rs.945

*Cath Kidston is now opened in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

~ H&M Socks in a Christmas Bauble, Rs.399.

~ Victoria's Secret xo, Victoria Rollerball Perfume, Rs.1600 
(approx, as part of 2 for 3 offer.)

~ Forever 21 Pink Bunny-Shaped Slippers, Rs.799

If I know you long-time readers, I'd say you like them all =)

But which one would you keep in a drawer, unused forever?
Me, most probably the notebook. 
I wanna say the bunny slippers, but Ziizayne is always wearing them these days, haha!

Have a great weekend everyone!

*To all you fellow horror movie freaks, have you watched Lights Out? I might watch that tonight ;)


  1. Love the bunny ear Slippers but I'm afraid if I get them, it will get dirty very soon or my dog might attack them or both lol. Everything looks so cute in this post.

  2. Pretty stuff, I will keep the notebook unused... love the smell of the fresh papers💗

  3. I would love to keep them all,.. But the notebook looks very beautiful,.. I wont like to spoil it by my bad handwriting :D

  4. It is all so pretty.. how do you manage to get such cute products always 👌 I would keep the notebook unused always 😇 ! Xoxoxo

  5. Happy to see you back in action. Missed you. :*

    I would love the slippers to sit pretty in my cupboard.

  6. OMG I so missed your posts.. great that you are back now, we can have our dose of all things cute-sy.. <3 the socks in the bauble have my heart..

  7. These are definitely very cute and way too pretty.

  8. So pretty stuff. Loved it too much. I would love to keep them all in my drawer.

  9. I can so relate with you. I have been keeping some cute outer box/ gift wraps from more than 5 years and I still can't throw them away. Maybe I will never be able to.

    The notebook and the booties are way too cute to use...


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