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Best Makeup Brush Washing Mat

I spied with my little eye this round yellow wafer-textured thingy at a home store, I didn't know what it was. I started thinking....

What's this? Round....silicone...more weighty than I thought...I feel like I need it...Rs.250....yup, I do need it. But for what? Oh, there's a picture on the back! Okay, basically, to keep hot pans and baking dishes. That I don't need. Why don't I bake anymore? Hmmm...put it back in the hook...moving on.... we need a saucepan with a lid for making popcorn...but a light pan, so it's easier to shake-shake- shake....why don't they make enough light or pastel cooking pots and pans in this country??! Also, Floral. Vintage floral, not big big sunflowery jhatak floral. Then I'll spend more time in the kitchen! Like Bree Van de Kamp...I'll bake something French, something I can't pronounce yet... coomberfroofrount...and wear a matching floral apron....and I'll ---- 

And I ran back to one of the best things I ever discovered ;p

It's amazing, you guys! I won't have pruned fingers after washing makeup brushes anymore, and I'm actually excited to wash them more often now! Plus, the brushes come out cleaner than when I'm only using my palms.

Brands had come out with gloves and fancy mats for makeup brush washing, but those came with hefty price tags. For me, this mat is best and all I'll ever need!

How I use it: I place it in the sink, let some water fill up in those little squares, squirt some Johnson's baby shampoo, and then swirl my brushes on it. Saves so much time! I also rinse them the same way with just water. After I'm done, I rinse the mat and shake off all the water from it, and place my brushes on it for drying.

Price: Rs.250 / $4 (ONLY)

(Have you seen the Sigma mat for $32?!)

From: Lifestyle Home Centre.

If you can only buy them online, I've searched for similar ones and linked them below:

Rectangular mat ~ here
Square mat ~ here
Round mat (my favs) ~ here

What do you think about this? NEED it or not?

Talk again soon & Happy Friday! =)


  1. I'm picking this up the next time I go to home center. Considering I almost live there it won't be too long :D

  2. I will be picking up this for sure,.. Now I should search nearest Lifestyle Home Centre.
    :) Thank you,./..

  3. Oh wow!! This sounds so awesome...just last week I was wondering about how to wash brushes easily.. I am surely picking it up!! :) Your recent posts regarding purchases from Lifestyle Home Centre are making me want to shop from there !! :-D

  4. Thank you SO much ! I just washed mine yesterday and my palms hurt! This is so awesome ! I just ordered one :)

  5. Hey, that's a nifty idea. Yes, I've seen the Sigma mats, saw the price and closed the browser window :P Need to find this. Home Centre here I come. Thanks!

    According to Mimi

  6. I absolutely love this post and it's just what I needed to read <3 I love the idea of using others as inspiration and motivation.

  7. I am picking this up as soon as I see this :D

  8. I got to grab one of these. I really need one too.

  9. I have been actually thinking of doing the same thing. Thank you for doing the post. No more bye byes to my money! I am getting these mattes ASAP!

  10. I love Home Center's inventory...this mat is on my list for next the trip.

  11. Hey CZ i got mine in teh mail just today and I washed my stippling brush right away(the most abused brush) and guess what it took less than 2 mins for me to wash it as compared to the earlier 5 min I used to spend. Thank you soooo much for introducing this beayty!

  12. I got to have one. This will be very useful to me.

  13. This looks like a great option. If you have seen those thick hot water bags, they are similar but softer and even cheaper.

    New Love


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