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Today's HNT is Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper - a 2-in-1 brow product that screams "Buy Me! Buy Me!"

One : Because there aren't a lot of options when it comes to brow products in India. 
Two: Because it's so inexpensive!

It's available in 2 shades - Brown & Grey

I got Brown for myself.....

 It has a pencil on one end & a powder on the other end

Pencil ~  With 0.2mm slim tip for precise control

Powder ~ With a mineral finish. The powder is inside the cap.

 I will definitely use it as an eyeshadow too!

Swatches: (Top) Powder, (Bottom) Pencil

LOVE! Suit my hair color, last all day, fun to use & travel-friendly. That's all I need!

One of the best budget products you can purchase right now.

Price ~ Rs.245

Availability ~ I got it from Lifestyle

You can google to check if it's available online. I see it's already sold out at Nykaa.

Have you all tried this?

That's the only HNT post for today, guys.

Good Night! :* :*


  1. a must buy product... wl get it from lifestyle today itself!

  2. I've got it for myself but in gray shade! I must say it's ah-mazinggg!

  3. Been reading a lot of great reviews about this product. Waiting to buy this and the new matte lipsticks by Maybelline.

  4. I've ready so many good reviews of this! I so wish it had a spoolie though !
    xx | My Recent Post.

  5. this definitely sounds awesome...definitely trying this one!

  6. Trust Maybelline for such products!!! They won't let u down!!! Will definitely buy this one!!

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  8. This would be my next brow product purchase as soon as I finish my current favorite NYX brow powder! But the brown looks too reddish for my hair color!

    A 100% vegan natural lip balm

  9. Great review, seems worth the investment :D

  10. Finally a budget brow product in India! gotta grab this one .


  11. Maybelline has always been successful in introducing products that aren't just pocket friendly but also that are high on quality. I bought it after seeing its pic on your blog here and I am loving it.

  12. I have yet to use a brow product and this looks so interesting! Great review.

    Following you through GFC <3

  13. Great blog! enjoy reading it! I also bookmark this site for visiting and updating regularly! thank for sharing with us!


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