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Shoes Of The Day

How CUTE are these??!!!

Although I'm not a sporty-shoes-converse-sneakers kinda gal, I just LOVE them on kids (...and men, for that matter!)

I'm waiting for a pair of denim dungarees to arrive so I can dress up my baby.

Can't wait! =)

Sorry I haven't posted here for a long time. Life's been super busy that I feel I'm living on another planet!

Thank You for reading & I'll talk to you again very soon! =)


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  1. These are really very cute... cant wait to see baby cz dressed up in these..!!

  2. What have you decided on... Baby name?

  3. Oh wow!! These are super cute!! :) Can i know where you got these frommmm??? And ya I too wanted to know...what have you decided Baby CZ's name as????

  4. Aww..Super Cute!
    You Bought All Etude House Hand Creams? I Bought Only The Pink One! :D
    And, Have You Checked Out Physicians Formula Nude Wear Collection? I Too 'm Obsessed With Bows n That Collection Has Been Haunting Me! I'm Still Searching for Affordable Shipping Rates To Buy it on E-bay

  5. It is really great pair of shoes and it is perfect for baby..


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