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Ted Baker Bow Bag DUPE ~ For FREE!

Hola! How are you all doing? I'm back from my mini vacation. But more on that in the next post. I wanted to get this post up first.
Seriously, the best things really are FREE! I hauled quite a bit, but this particular haul's the one that got me the MOST excited! This.Bag. I can't even! If you've been haunted by the bow-tiful, but pricey, Ted Baker bags, go get one of these ASAP before they sell out!
Ted Baker bags are available in India at a store called 'The Collective', which has a few outlets in Delhi/NCR, like at Ambience Mall Gurgaon. The bag similar to this one costs Rs.3500. I crossed it off my wishlist, now that I have this free version =D

I purchased ZA (pronounced zi-ei) skincare products worth Rs.1500 & got this bag as a freebie! ZA is a brand by Shiseido. I've only tried ZA makeup before (mainly lipsticks, I think), and I really liked them. So, I wasn't afraid to give their skincare range a try. I got 2 products....

ZA True White Emulsion ~ Emulsion is a runny moisturizer that's similar to a serum. This contains Whitening 4MSK, Vitamin C, SPA Ingredients & White Lily Extracts. There's also an anti-ageing collagen version of this in a pink bottle. Price: Rs.899

ZA True White Day protector SPF 26 PA++ ~ This is a daytime moisturizer that blocks UV rays helping diminish spots and acne marks. I can't say if it's a great product right now, but I can say that it's light & non-greasy, which works for my oily skin. Price: Rs.799.

ZA is  available at Shopper's Stop.

I checked online, and these bags are worth at least Rs.1100! They're made by a Chinese brand called WuHua, so the quality is pretty good.

Other colors available: Peach (with black bow), Cream (with black bow), Black (with white bow).

Big-sized bags are also up for grabs if you purchase products worth Rs.2500. But they don't have lining.

So, who's running to Shopper's NOW??? ;)

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  1. Such a cute bag! Love it! :)

  2. me for sute :D
    m grabbing the bigger bag :D

  3. Thats exactly what I thought when I saw this bag! Ted Baker makeup bag dupe!

  4. I'm already using my innisfree vit c whitening skin care line but I am really curious about this za range. Looking forward to your review and yeah, ted baker bags are the cutest. Glad you found a dupe :D.

  5. Oh my this is super adorable <3

  6. I Too Posted About This Beauty on My Blog, a Week Bag! It is Gorgeous!:)

  7. This is so pwetty !! I am using the True White Day Protector and I love it ! HG stuff.

  8. done by none also had the same bag 2 months back,

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