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Clinique Cheek Pop Blushers Now In India!

I'd been waiting for these a looong time!

Gone to Clinique specially several times since March to ask if they'd been launched.

Always the same reply ~ "Not until August."

Last week, they were finally at the Select City Walk Mall store.

But only the first 2 shades at the top ~ Berry Pop & Plum Pop.

Bottom 2 shades, Peach Pop & Ginger Pop, hadn't arrived yet. SA said they'll also be launched soon.

 I didn't pick up any, coz there were no testers!

But I will definitely get one when I've tested them all.

Price ~ Rs.2100 (I know. Sigh)

Are you drooling over these? Which shade do you think looks the best?


  1. Totally drooling over them..but they all released a while back CZ for ₹1800, I guess the price is hiked now :(

  2. They're SO gorgeous, especially the coral shade :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Oh God finally they are here.Need to get my hands on Berry Pop! yay!


  4. These blushes are so cute! I'm loving the Ginger Pop shade :)

  5. i have Clinique cheek pop blushes review on my site Feel free to check it out

  6. Peach pop looks nice; the shade seems unique. And the packaging is lovely!

  7. I really wanted Ginger that its 2.1k I am having second thoughts....but I m sure if I see this blush in the counter I ll pick it up anyways ;)

  8. They are available at strawberrynet for Rs 1892 plus discounts if you have bought more than once.

    1. Ooh.....nice.... Thanks so much for the info! :)



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