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Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 Velvety Cream

It's that time of year when we are looking for that perfect sun fighter that will prevent our skin from looking like toasted bread. I'm one of the people who need it the most, because my skin is highly prone to sun damage. For my face, I mostly rely on BB Creams and foundations with SPF, but when I step outside in this scorching heat, I know I need extra protection- something stronger. Just when I was trying to decide which sunblock to get next, I was offered to try out this one - Vichy Capital Soleil Cream with SPF 50. If you've been eyeing it, read on.....

For Normal to dry sensitive skin.
Ultra Hydrating (24hr)
Velvety Formula with a soft & silky finish.
Water Resistant.

First thought: "Ah, smells so good!" I can't describe it exactly. Floral mixed with coconutty.
Second thought: "Okay, good, blends quickly. No stubborn white-ness that refuses to disappear." The texture really is smooth and velvety like it claims. It makes large pores look more filled in.

Because it's for Normal to dry sensitive skin, it's quite a thick moisturizing cream. Not a matte finish. I have oily-combination skin, so during the daytime, I skip moisturizer and apply this straight after washing my face, before doing my makeup routine. If I weren't going to apply foundation and powder my face afterwards, I wouldn't use this alone, coz I find it a lil' sticky. But as a pre-makeup base, it balances my combination skin and soothes the dryness around my nose, and helps my foundation blend better.

Stickiness: On a scale from 1-5, I'd say 2.5.
Water Resistant: You can splash your face with water, and it will not wash away the cream, so it'll be good to use when you're going swimming.

After blending it

I think it's a sunblock better suited for normal to dry skin (like it says), especially in hot and humid climates. Although I wouldn't say it's bad for combination skin either, because these days, my own combination skin is rebelling against creams with a dry matte finish.

Price: Rs.1090 for 50ml.

My Rating:

Have you girls tried this?

Please share with us your current favorite sunblock.

*Product in this post is a PR sample.*


  1. m looking to try LaRosche this time...have u tried that one?

  2. The one I'm currently using is Neutrogena dry touch, it has SPF50, UVA,UVB protection and doesn't leave a white cast!
    <a href=">CrazyBeautyLand</a>

  3. my favourite sunblock is Ansolar. This looks too thick for my extremely oily skin.

    Pink Tiara

  4. I love lotus matt gel...amazin sunblock gel..

  5. Hi Cynthia, after trying several sunscreens , now I can confidentially say that Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch , spf 50 is the best so far. Absolutely non sticky so easy to re apply, my face is extremely oily, other brands make it worse. Plus very economical as compared to vichy just 175/- for 30 ml in a tube.( I bought it from nykaa at a discount :P) I find it very convenient to carry in my hand must try it. ♡♥♡♥Sonia.

  6. I haven't tried this yet but this sounds decent for my dry-sensitive skin.
    Actually i have no favorites when it comes to sunscreen.. some leave white cast and some feel sticky 'sigh' so i rely on products that have built in spf either its a day cream or foundation :/

  7. hi
    I bought from Vichy
    but sunscreen with dry touch
    it really gives matte finish
    and I don't use foundation
    so I found that very matte and I like glowy look
    so I think am going to buy from this type
    but am scared cuz you said this is a little bit like a thick creamy moisturizer so am afraid
    does any acne appear while you use it
    please answer me


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