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Planning A Colorful Kitchen

Let's just say if it's not pastel or colorful, it doesn't belong in my new kitchen =D

At first, I thought about making it all white & pastel, but it's so hard to find pastel kitchenware in India, so I decided bright and colorful is the way to go. These are just a few of the pots, pans, kettles & mugs that I've found and have with me me so far.

Finally got to take out my Katie Alice mint-colored mugs that I got in England.

I'm still hunting for more pink and colorful stuff- cutlery, storage containers, spice jars, tea set, etc, etc.

So will post pictures when it's complete! =)

Thank You for reading & y'all have a bright & colorful week!


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  1. Beautiful. Where did u buy the pink pans from?

  2. Wow..They look lovely.. Where did you buy those pink and orange pots and pans from?

  3. Try prestige ceramic range...its amazing.. I got the orange colored pans n pots.. they instantly perk up my mood..

  4. Amazing plz share some more details :)

  5. oh this is too pretty!!! what brand are the pink pans from?

  6. Hi LOVE your girly kitchen appliances. Please tell us the brands and where did you buy it all in Gurgaon?

  7. hi, u can buy colorful stuff- cutlery, storage containers n all from this website They have really good stuff n also they have some vintage collection that u should check.

  8. It's lovely... :) do check out online sites too...

  9. These are so cute. I love pink in my bed room and kitchen :D

  10. I want colorful crockery and kitchenware now


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