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CUTE Yellow + Blue Spring Shoes ~ Haul

Two things I was/am craving lately - Colorful shoes & hometown food. Hometown food will have to wait, but shoes I managed to find today - in small sizes, let's not forget. I was day dreaming pastels, but I could only find brighter ones this time. Both bow-tified, so I was sold and they just had to have the size.

How cute that this shoe brand is called CUTE?! =)

Both are from a store in Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi, next to Rajco. It's called Sona Shoes. I went in thinking it's Stelatoes, a store I used to frequent, but that was under renovation, and I didn't realize it until I passed it and I was handed a flyer that said it had temporarily moved to a different store nearby. Never mind, I'll go there next time! =D


Yellow Ballet Flats With Bow ~ Rs.695. Size 36 was the smallest. [Also available in fuchsia pink, black, green]

Blue Wedge Heel Peep-toes With Bow ~ Rs.795. Size: 35. [Also available in black]

10% Off on both, so total = Rs.1341. Bargain, don't ya think?

Hope you liked! Which is your favorite out of the two?


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  1. u have tiny feet too? me too..mine too is 35/36..:))

  2. Oh I love the blue wedge :). Beautiful!

  3. i had bad experience from sona. the belly's i bought were super uncomfortable. never wore it coz of dat:(


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