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NEW! Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks

 05 Flamingo Olé!

Looks like velvet liquid lipsticks are here to stay! I hope I have better luck with these NEW Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks than I did with the Topshop Velvet Lips
Love that they've introduced 8 lovely shades!
06 Ping Pong
02 Frambourjoise

03 Hot Pepper
01 No Red!
 04 Peach Club
07 Nude-ist
08 Grand Cru

Swatch: 05 Flamingo Olé!

 These will have a velvety matte finish that we hope won't be too dry & peely/crusty *fingers crossed*

Which shades are you eyeing? Me: Ping Ping, Hot Pepper, and especially 05 Flamingo Olé!

I can't wait to wear it, stand on one leg like a flamingo, and shout 'Olé!'


  1. Do you have any idea about the cost Cynthia?

    1. No idea Aarthi. Probably will be priced 600-800 in India, I'm guessing


  2. Awesome..Hope its launched soon..

  3. WOW! Gorgeous! I must try and track these down!!!

  4. I want so many! Especially Peach Club! How much do they cost though?

  5. so many new things in the market :)

  6. OMG!!! These lip colors are all so pretty. You are right the 05 Flamingo Ole is so pretty. Love the color for it looks so sexy and classy on lips. Love it!!!

  7. Wow! These look awesome...All the shades are drool worthy, but I definitely would want to try out Peach Club :)

  8. Flamingo Ole, Frambourjoise & Peach Club... Lovely shades..

  9. All colors are just too tempting....I want to buy all :)

  10. O my my these are to die for!! So tempting and gorgeous! <3
    Happy Valentine's day to you & your family!! :)

    Hugs & kisses


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