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Lakmé Absolute Gloss Stylist Pink Pout Photos, Swatches

Let me tell you a bad kiss story of a girl I know very well:
This girl went to meet a boy one evening. A boy she'd been friends with for a while, and then began chatting on the phone with. You know, typical romance story. When she came to see me afterwards that same evening, she was wearing a shiny pink lip gloss that was just a little bit lighter than this one. The center of her upper lip was swollen, and the lip gloss doubled it's swell. She must have thought the gloss would cover up the sting from her rendezvous. I said nothing, and just stared pointedly at the elephant's bottom on her upper lip, while she talked nervously. She knew that I knew.
When she couldn't take the awkwardness anymore, she blurted out: "The idiot bit me.", and then we had a good laugh.
Moral Of The Story: Never pick a shiny lip gloss to cover up a bad kiss, ladies! =D
About Lakmé Absolute Gloss Stylist:
Now get super luscious lips with this revolutionary gloss that incorporates unique light reflecting powders and shiny polymers for a high shine & coverage lacquered finish.
Available in 6 shades.
The applicator is a rectangular-shaped fuzzy thing that collects a good amount of gloss with one dip

Pink Pout is a pretty bubblegum pink shade. The lip gloss has an opaque finish that gives lips that promised lacquered look. Wear time is alright- it starts to fade after about 2 hours on me. If you love non-sticky opaque lip glosses which are devoid of fragrance and taste, you'll probably love this range.

But the elephant we can't ignore here is the price tag. If it's quality & the nice packaging they're charging for, we all know there are other lip glosses out there that are just as good and cost much less.
If you're wondering how similar it is to Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss in Electric Shock, it is darker and has a more opaque finish. But Electric Shock can be layered and looks equally pink & pretty on lips, and it's cheaper - Rs.350 - so it wins in my books.

Price ~ Rs.700.

My Rating:

Book in pictures: Bared To You by Sylvia Day (pictured here.) Fifty Shades Of Grey copycat, and like all copycats, it tried too hard. Waste of time.

Happy Friday, everyone. I know it's Saturday morning already, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still yesterday for me =D

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  1. I've had that swollen lip incident too buhahhahahaha. but I covered it up with a dark pink matte lipstick ;)
    and do you also see the MAC packaging here???? the gloss looks fab but 700!!!!

  2. the packaging reminds me of Lotus herbal pure stay lip gloss. Anyway a nice color

  3. Such a pretty pretty shade! I need more pinks like this!

  4. Nice LOTD! It is like bubblegum pink.

  5. Lovely LOTD.....Pretty shade...but this would wash me off....!!! :(

  6. Sucha gorgeous shade, might wash out me! Lovely swatch! xo

  7. looks awesome on you <3 pretty shade

  8. It looks nice in the tube but the formulation looks kinda off according to the pictures. I don't know why.

  9. Its a very pretty lip color. I like this kind of shade. I am more on pinks when it comes to lips for I find it girly and natural.


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