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Maybelline Baby Skin & Master Kajal Oriental Gold

Here are 2 newly launched Maybelline products that are part of my last UK haul. I thought I'd post quick pics & swatches in between the other last UK activities that have taken a toll on me lately (but packing going well so far)

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser ~ Lightweight primer for smooth, poreless looking skin. The first ingredient in this is Dimethicone (silicone), which usually breaks my skin out, but I'm thinking about using it minimally only on my large pores near the sides of my nose, fine lines on undereyes and frown lines, so let's see! *fingers crossed* . Price: £5.99 | Rs.607. *Only For Adults! =)
Maybelline Master Kajal Kohl Liner in Oriental Gold ~ Cream-stick liner. I think I'm gonna love this one! It is available in Pitch Black & Lapis Blue as well. Price: £7.99 | Rs.810.
I got them both from Superdrug. Buy 1, Get 2nd half off.
Swatches ~ Baby Skin, Oriental Gold Kajal

Have you tried these yet?

Hope you're all having a great weekend. 

I will talk to you again shortly.


  1. wow, the gold is lovely..

  2. Loving the baby skin..I hope it's effective!


  3. Such a beautiful color, I love antique gold! Hope they launch in India as well.

  4. I've seen a lot of this baby skin pore eraser. I havnt tried it but it looks like it feels like all silicon, not sure if I'm keen, will have to go to superdrug and see! xxx

  5. I really want maybelline to launch baby skin in India at the earliest.. Heard some great reviews... Also will be waiting for u to do a full review

  6. The gold kajal looks lovely! I am sure going to try the other 2 colors as well once it gets launched in India.Any Idea if it can be smudged to create a few more looks especially when the colors are so gorgeous?

  7. These products look very lovely. The kohl is so copied from Guerlain's Khol me Kajal but looks nice...The guerlain one is intense black and Maybelline should be forgiven for the copy cat act.

  8. I'm going to try the Baby Skin this week, I'm not sure what to expect after so many mixed reviews :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  9. gold kajal looks great. I hope its released in India Too....

  10. You got awesome products dear ! The master Kajal looks awesomely pigmented

  11. The Gold Kajal looks fab.. lovely launch from Maybelline again... :)


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