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Whimsical Present For A Beauty Blogger/Addict

Pretty Real Flowers ~  They die. I sad.
Pretty Wrapping Paper ~ They tear. I sad.
Both sad situations. Both I try to avoid. Right now, I have a bunch of red roses (shown in my Maybelline Color Show post here) that have dried up, and this feeling I get because I have to throw them out not nice. Give me fake flowers and gift bags/boxes (no tape, please.) any day. Speaking of gift bags and boxes, maybe we take our heads out of them, and plonk them into pretty whimsical carry cases.....
I saw this carry case in Woodland Adventure Carry Case at Paperchase (a fun stationery store in UK) many weeks ago, and instantly fell in love with it! But I was skeptical about buying it, because of travelling issues and all. A couple weeks later, I thought: Whatever, I must have it. I went there and saw it's not in the same place it was the last time. I looked and looked around the store, and I found it hiding at the back of one table. Only one of its kind (there were about 5 last time), and I didn't feel good about it. Don't we all like to pick the best piece and usually assume the last one is probably defective? I asked the store assistant if they had another one.
She: "You want to buy 2 of them?"
Me: "No. Actually, there's a scratch on this one. Look.", I pointed to an almost undetectable silver hairline scratch on the box. Yes, it was quite a moo point, and I would've bought it if I had no other choice.
She: "Okay, I'll go check in the back for you, but we may be out of them."

She came back in 5 mins with the only one left in stock. It was wrapped nicely in transparent plastic bag which was twisted into a ruffle at the end (like a sack) and tied with a golden plastic ribbon. Brand new, unopened, untouched. I had to stop myself from jumping and clapping, and delightfully squealing "Ooh, me likey!"
I thought about how much I'd love to receive lots and lots of presents in it, hence this post. I randomly put some products in there.....

Let's take them all out.....

Lipsticks: Rimmel Moisture Renew As You Want Victoria, Bourjois Shine Edition #20 1,2,3 Soleil (swatch here), Max Factore Elixir #825 Pink Brandy.
The Body Shop Loofah, Vitamin E Body Butter, Wild Rose Hand Cream, Mango Shower Gel.
Nail Polishes- Bourjois Amande Defile, Maybelline Color Show Tangerine Treat (Swatch here)
Concealer- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer #20 Sand.
Powder- Bourjois Java Rice Powder (shown here)
Eyeshadow Palette- MAC Fabulousness Eye Kit Neutral Eyes  (more pics here)
Jewelry ~ Claire's bracelets, Accesorize Bow Necklace (more pics here), Pearl necklace.
Btw, a sweater can also fit in there. Oh, and if you can find a tiara..... =)

 If you're wondering what this is, it's a Vintage Sticky Notes Book. I just couldn't resist the cuteness!

I stuck the mint mirror one on the box in pic above

Will just list the prices of some stuff  ~ The carry case was for £6 | Rs.604 & Vintage Sticky Notes for £4.50 | Rs.453. The Body Shop products I recently got online at 50% Off.
Hope you enjoyed this post & had a great weekend. I'm sorry for not posting much last week. I was gonna post on Saturday, but I fell sick. I disconnected myself from the online world, and didn't even turn on my computer. Now I'm fine, and have a lot of posts lined up before Christmas.

I wish we lived in a world where I could make lots and lots of these and send them out to ALL of you this Christmas  =)

So, what items would you want to see when you open your 'Whimsical' carry case present? Would love to know!


  1. This is adorable! you have the talent of making every product look absolutely stunning and the epitome of cuteness. For the millionth time, I find myself wondering why ur not a senior something at Vogue or Harpers Bazaar....

    1. For the millionth time, thanks so much Dollie :D Really very lovely compliment <3


  2. A sweater and tiara sounds perfect. Or maybe some beautiful accessories. It's adorable!

  3. Awww i love those sticky cute

  4. The Moo Point n "Ooh! Me Likey".. Ahahaha :D

    The Box n NoteBook Both Are So Cute!! I Too Love Collecting Cute NBs

    Loved The Post :)

  5. How I wish I could find it here in India! :\

  6. OMG !! Super cuteness..How I love that case and sticky notes..I wish we got such cute stuff here :(

  7. Cynthia, you have great photography skills :)

  8. Goossh.. such a pretty carry case.. wish I could get one for myself too.. :P :P
    I would love to get all the luxury stuff like UD Naked Palettes, YSL Lipsticks, Bare Minerals Dazzling Eye Shadows, Few glittery nail paints and some Lancome skin care stuff.. :P :P ..doesnt it sounds like my christmas wishlist.. :D

  9. omg...huv cute!!!! cuteness reloaded! more than the case, I loved the sticky notes

  10. so much cuteness for one post :)
    how do u even find these things...just as in some Wonderland !

  11. Love that vintage looking container!

  12. simply tooo adorable :-)

  13. i want the box too, its lovely indeed.


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