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To Buy OR Not To Buy? Butterfly Pink Makeup Brushes

You know I'm a sucker for cute & whimsical packaging. So when I saw these, it was instant attraction. Pink brushes with white stripes  on the handle & a butterfly printed pouch with  a birdcage zipper. Ooh, and that outer BOX! I'm not sure about the quality/softness of those brushes, but how bad can they be? I could do with another powder brush, and that tiny lip brush. 
This brand is called Flutter (cute!). They have a range of beauty accessories & tools at Superdrug
Price of this brush set: £9 | Rs.900. 

Now for the important question:

Buy or Don't buy?  


  1. Never heard of this brand ever! But 9 pounds is a okay price, pick them up. Even if they dont work your pocket will not hurt.

  2. The brushes dont look dense though. I personally like to use dense brushes :) I think even if one brush works well, it will be worth it........ These are very cute though <3

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  3. OMG! I want to buy one for mee! Sooo cutee! >__<

    Natalia xo

  4. Super cute brushes with all those butterfly prints.. but u are gonna trash them if they feel scratchy and here goes the cuteness!! :-|
    I think u already much beautiful and better performing brushes... U can easily pass taht away.. ;)

  5. It looks so cute <3...I might end up buying it ;) even though it would be of no use :D

  6. They look cute and Plus it comes with a cute pouch even if u dont end up using the brushes ul still have a cute pouch to carry ur stuff.....

  7. Cute, but I've seen better. Control the impulse and hunt for something even better and worth it!

  8. Its so tough to find good brushes in India ! These look so cute and its so you :D
    xoxo <3

  9. Waste of money... better off getting some real techniques brushes, Boots have a buy 1 get 2nd half price offer right now :)

    1. Or this :))

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