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Revlon Pink In The Afternoon Super Lustrous Lipstick Photos, Swatches

'Pink In The Afternoon' ~ I think it's a brilliant name for this particular shade. If I had to guess how the person who named it thought of it....
As a regular lipstick swatcher, I've noticed lipsticks change tones when photographed in the afternoon when the sun is up. I think I've seen this shade come out in a few cool-toned pink lipstick photos, and probably got annoyed, because it's not really their color. So, I think the Revlon Lipstick Shade Namer wore a pink lipstick one day, clicked a photo in the afternoon (she probably Instagrammed it too if Instagram existed then), liked how the afternoon sun changed her lipstick shade, and decided she wanted that sun-made shade in a tube. She went to the office next day, swatched the lipstick on her arm/lips at 2 pm in the afternoon, stood near a window facing the sun, and then she called the Revlon Lipstick Maker to come see the color. She said to him/her: "This. Make this."
Okay, to corroborate my pink lipstick + afternoon sun story, go see the last pic here.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Pink In The Afternoon is a warm medium pink with a peachy undertone. I'm liking it a lot, because it's very moisturizing & the shade makes me feel girly. The texture is creamy, but not heavy & tacky creamy. It sits well on my lips, and doesn't wear off too fast. Yes, it's fragrance-free.
If there's a pink lipstick that's simply feminine, and would suit light to dark skin tones, this is it.

Price ~ £7.49 | Rs.740. I got it on sale from Superdrug a while back for around £5-6.
Available in India? This shade is probably not available. I see they cost Rs.400-550 at MedPlusBeauty. But shop around a little bit more, maybe you'll get them cheaper!
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Now it's time for me to order Indian food from nearby takeaway restaurant & later watch Now You See Me.


  1. such a pretty shade ! i guess this is the perfect pink i have been looking for <3

  2. it's a beautiful shade. wonder if it's available in india. also, i loved your story :)

  3. Very girly and pretty shade :o).

  4. It's a lovely shade, not sure it would suit me though!

  5. god now that's a pretty pink shade. I feel like u can sell me anything cynthia! haha.

    1. Haha..really?! Not good for your pockets! :D


  6. This shade is beautiful ! Is this available in India?
    Deff buying this ! Reminds me of a mac lipstick that I saw recently :D
    xoxo <3

  7. OMG!!! This lippie is so pretty. Love the color for it really brings out the beauty of the lips. Not too dark and not too light. Its perfect!

  8. Unfortunately it is not available on Medplusbeauty.. :(

  9. Your lip swatches are so beautiful :) I love revlon super lustrous lipsticks, will check this colour on my next trip to boots!

  10. Such a Pweety Shade!!

    Why Isn't it Available in India! :-/

  11. Can you please tell me which camera you use? I am would love to know. Could you do a post on blog photography tips? Thanks :)

  12. It looks great on your lips, very nice color!


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