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To Wear ~ River Island Polka Dot City Shorts + Textured Peplum Jacket

I just felt like doing this today. Pair stuff, and add a wee bit of zing to a small River Island haul.
When I went birthday shopping, I wanted to buy some new outfits. I went to Topshop, Zara, H&M, etc, but I didn't like many things, except these 2 River Island items....
River Island Black & White Polka Dot City Shorts ~ So happy these are longer and not knicker-length like most of the high waisted shorts these days. I tried a pair at H&M one day, and I swear they looked like boyshort panties! The zipper part is the back, front is plain.
River Island Black Textured Peplum Jacket ~ I love the that it has a zipper, and it's long enough to cover the behind.
H&M Bustier With Gold Zipper ~ This is very cute! It has got ribbons at the back. Of course I won't wear it alone.
Accessories ~ Primark Clutch, Suede Mary Janes from Ebay, Accessorize Earrings, Forever 21 Key Necklace, Claire's Bracelet. 
What's missing? Black leather gloves. I'm want those short ones with snap buttons.
I'll probably wear black tights too. 

By the way, I'm no longer a Size 6.....

I've been upgraded to UK 8. Nando's & Greggs Chicken Bake went straight to my tummy & hips. Now I'm hooked to macarons too, so I'm guessing it's only UP from here on out... woohoo! =) 
Hope you liked this post, coz I want to do more!


  1. The shorts and bustier are amazinggg. :)

  2. polka dot shorts and peplum is wowwwu.. :)

  3. Wow Please do A Lotd CZ Mam... :D <3 shrutika

    1. Hey cz mAM How do you pronounce Your Name ... I hav Heard your Voice In Ur Old Video Tutorial You Hav a Soft Deep Voice Naaa....? <3 ShrutikA

    2. Will do it for sure! Oh, my voice? It changes all the time coz I have tonsil problems :)


  4. Amazing dress..... Love the way you have accessorized it :)

  5. Love the Bustier ! the entire outfit is fab ! Do a outfit post please, I bet it will look amazing :D
    xoxo <3

  6. waiting for your outfit pic... that bustier is indeed se*y


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