Outfit Of The Day ~ Crop Top & Skater Skirt

In about 1 minute that skirt is going to fly and spread out like an umbrella (under my umbrella...ella...ella...) But nobody saw. Never wear a skater skirt when it's windy.
And in about 10 minutes, while walking on the road, the rain is going to come down on me like an unwanted birthday blessing. I didn't have an umbrella (ah, the irony!) & my mascara wasn't waterproof. 
This is what I wore on my Birthday over 2 weeks ago, btw. I took these pics in a jiffy before heading out. It was the first time I did a photoshoot in our new balcony, and it was soo windy! We're on the 1st floor, so anyone who walks on the road down below can see. I had to run inside and hide every time a car came by. Hence, the odd leg in previous photo... haha!
Top ~ Quiz Lime Textured Crop Top | Black Skater Skirt ~ H&M. Got it on sale, only £3 (Rs.266)  |  Lime Belt ~ H&M. Sale again, £1 (Rs.89)  |  Shoes ~ Suede Mary Janes from Ebay  |  Clutch Bag ~Primark | Jewelry ~ Primark Earrings, Claires Bracelet, Fossil Rose Gold Watch | Of course I had to wear black tights & a leather jacket too before heading out in the cold.
Lipstick ~ I was confused which lip color to wear with lime green. I tried peach & nude...then in the end I went with coral. I used Maybelline SuperStay Stay With Me Coral (Swatches here). I don't really remember what I put on the rest of my face! Definitely got older!
Hope you have fun plans for the weekend. I want to go to Superdrug and get some new makeup I see doing the rounds in blogosphere, but I have no money. I mean, I have spent my monthly budget online recently. Sigh. =D


  1. belated wishes..hope u had a grt day..♥
    loved d crop top, so pretty on u...♥
    d last pic is awesome,u got beautiful legs CZ

  2. What a cute outfit, you look fabulous!
    Happy belated birthday!

  3. love your makeup and watch the most !!! <3

  4. Ceezee Mam You Look So Sweet and Pretty Just like A Sweet Girly Toy I mean Like a DOLL...Lovin it So Fresh outfit Great For Birthdays....<3 Me TOO Have Tonsil Problem in evey 3-4 months...! We Hav A Throat Prob In Common ... Shit..:P :D <3 Shrutika

  5. you look like a doll..pretty

  6. cuteness overloaded :) wow loved the makeup CZ.. :)

  7. This looks lovely on you! I love the top. Your makeup looks perfect and happy late birthday!

  8. u look so pretty! :) lovin the combo of the neon green and gold.
    Cinnamon Sugar Makeup

  9. you look like a star in the second one......awesome........can you do a makeup tutorial on Kristen Stewart's eye makeup on breaking dawn part 1 world premiere....pls..........your skin is so flawless and u have same skin tone like her...i did but it had to be darker to get the smokey effect on my fair skin..i am fair but not that fair...so please.........she is wearing a blue dress...i can send pics of her if you need.....pls.:)

  10. Ahh.. Gorgeous as ever.. Doll you looking extremely Pretty.
    xoxo <3


  11. You look fantabulous in the crop top! :)

  12. So cute..I loved the lime :D

  13. This looks absolutely amazing on you. That lime is a gorgeous colour. And I love them shoes!

    Emma | World of dilEMMA


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