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NARS Angelika Blush

You know what (I think) Barbies, Fairies, Princesses & Angels have in common? I think they all wear a blush like NARS Angelika ~ A cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle. 
Angelika is the prettiest-looking pink blush I'd ever seen. It's performance also lives up to its appearance. It's pigmented, smooth, and the shimmer in it isn't garish or chunky. I'd say the silver shimmer is more dominant, because I hardly see gold.
*Pics taken with & without flash, because it has shimmer. 

NARS Angelica Swatch (with flash)

NARS Angelica Swatch (without flash)

If you want a matte pink blush that is somewhat similar (in the same color family) & cheaper, you could check out NYX Blush Pinky. I've swatched it here
Price ~ $27  |  Rs.1566
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Availablility ~ I got mine from Apothica and shipped through Shop & Ship.

Ooh, now I'm in the mood for more candy pink stuff! Wait for it.....


  1. I missed visiting your blog, C! :( So sad I havent been here in a long time.

    Im back now! And I love this blush - ive been eyeing it for a while now! I should just give in and buy it :)

  2. this lloks gorg.. but will it look good on me...m so yellow :/

  3. How Girly !! So Girly comment by mee ... Omii Gaawwwwwshhhh How Lubly.... Hey A girl in 11 standard in our school.... Her name is Angelica She's a Christian <3 Shrutika :D

  4. Lovely shade... Ill look even prettier on you... :)


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