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Come Window Shopping With Me.....

The other day, I visited the Boots here in Dundee for the first time. I was this close to buying several things, then I shocked myself- I returned them to their shelves. Sometimes I feel I deserve a medal every time I do that. Or....people standing outside the store applauding when I come out without a bag.
By "Window Shooping", I mean go to a store, browse, and not buy anything, okay? Not peek through a store window like some kind of stalker. I surreptitiously took pictures of some of the new products that interested me- surprisingly, mostly nail polishes this time....
Bourjois JE T'AIME Vintage Blush ~ These are 3 of their best-selling shades- Rose D'or 33, Cendre de Roses Brune 48 & Brun Cuivre 03. I was disappointed that they only put a sticker on top of their regular pots to make them look "vintage". I've reviewed Cendre de Roses Brune here. You can also see all the Bourjois blush shades here
*Bourjois is also launching Cream Blushes soon.

Bourjois So Laque Glossy Nail Enamel ~ I love these bright & pastel colors. I was tempted to get that taupe shade between the mint & blue. It's called Taupe Modele 05. Also, that pink shade...and yellow...and....

Max Factor Colour Effects Mini Nail Polish ~ These are soo cute! The bottles are tiny, but priced like big bottles.  Price ~ £3.99 (Rs.334)
Revlon Colorstay Nudes Nail Polishes ~ At first, I thought these were concealers coz they looked like the Colorstay foundations. They are nude nail polishes for ever skin tone... such a nice concept.
Accessorize ~ Window shopping, literally. I did not go in.

A blurry OOTD pic in the hallway ~ See we still have moving boxes, coz we don't know where our garage is, yet. Wore the ZARA Fringe Skirt & Forever New Trench Coat

I didn't buy any beauty products, but I went to Primark afterwards and picked up some home stuff....and those baby socks
There's Will & Grace. Finished FRIENDS so we started watching it again. When we're done watching the last season of WAG, we put FRIENDS Season 1 again.....a never-ending cycle =D
Enjoy your weekend, everyone! If you want to watch a movie with me tonight as well, I'll be watching Dark Skies - horror, of course.


  1. look so cute in that fringe skirt CZ :)
    Absolutely loved those Bourjois nail enamels-Awesome shades <3

  2. CZ jus love the way u explain muah :)

  3. Bourjois is launchng cream blushes !!! *drool drool* :D I hate when mini polish bottles are priced high up..
    Revlon nude nail polishes looks interesting ! :D

  4. You know what? I love the Rose D'Oro. I have been using it for the past almost two years by now and still can't have enough!

    1. Since you love it that much, I might have to get it for myself Nivedita :D


  5. Love Will and Grace, and I think my two favorite Bourjois Blushes are Santal and Tomette.

  6. You look so cute in the fringe skirt

  7. digging the revlon nude paints. you look like a doll!


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