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Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain ~ My TOP 3 Picks For Summer

So cute!
They're just like crayons! 
I want!
So long-lasting. I love! 

That's what I hear from friends & cousins when they see/try these.
 I picked my favorite 3 out of 10 shades:

  • Honey Douce 001 ~ A muted mauve-ish pink.
  • Sweetheart Valentine 025 ~ Fuchsia Pink
  • Rendezvous 040 ~ Orange. 

Will post review & swatches shortly. Lip swatches are pending, as always! =) 


  1. I just bought mine in Lovesick color.
    Love these balm stains :)

  2. My fav is Honey douce :)

    Preeti Kaur recently posted.. How to even out skin tone naturally

  3. Can't wait for the swatches. I'm still to try these!

  4. I love it :D
    I have Crush Beguin and Romantique!

  5. I love these!! I have Honey Deuce :)

  6. wow CZ!!! waiting for the reviews! :) be back soon! :D i love your reviews! :)

  7. I have honey, sweetheart and them :)

  8. Rezendous and sweet heart valentine are making me jealous !!! haha <3 shrutika

  9. Missing action on IVC.. Honey Duce is pretty shade
    NIVEA Give away

  10. My eyebrow actually went straight up at the name Sweetheart Valentine.. that's such a cute name! I've been eyeing these Kissable Balm Stain for a while now at Guardians / Watsons. They're only RM26++ here.. :D Not sure I've seen this shade anywhere but will check out tomorrow ^^

  11. i'd like to try all three lippies!

  12. waiting for the swatches.. wanna know how opaque do they look! :)


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