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Which Dress For Valentine's Day?

It began snowing again here, so anything sexy we wear on love day will be smothered with a boring coat we've worn a hundred times before =\

Still, we have to pick a nice dress and hope it'll be warm enough at the rendezvous venue so we can show it off. Below are my dress options:

River Island Wrap Back Lace Dress With Belt

Lipsy Ripple Bodycon Dress

Other options......

  • Jane Norman One Shoulder Drape Dress ~ Too summery & I want to wear it with hot pink shoes which I left in India. On top of that, I have no idea what to wear on top. No, not a black coat!
  • Primark Playsuit ~ Too transparent, but it looks fun. I could wear it with thick black tights and the Primark Faux Fur Coat (link below)

Btw, I picked only the ones I have never worn before.
I'm probably going with River Island Lace Dress, and I'll pair it with the ivory Primark Faux Fur Coat I showed here

Which one would YOU pick? 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. i loved the lace dress! :)

  2. I'd pick the River Island dress.. Its got a nice flirty n dreamy feel to it.. The mood i'd like to be in on "love" day :)
    Have fun choosing.. U'll look stunning no matter wat u choose..

  3. river island would be gorgeous !

  4. Love the 1st one :D
    xoxo <3

  5. The River Island dress is sexy and all, but I think too many people are wearing black lace now. Bohot ho gaya! I would say wear either the floral print one or the striped bodycon dress. Looks different. If I had those gorgeous dresses, I'd pick the Jane Norman floral one. It looks so Valentiney and billowy and comfortable!

  6. River island. Sexy but cute at the same time!

  7. I looove the first dress and also the floral dress, the cut is simply sooo pretty. But as you said it's more appropriate for summer (:


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