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With the wedding season right around the corner, M.A.C Cosmetics introduces an exclusive and  luxurious Wedding Trousseau Service in India, for all the beautiful brides-to-be ahead of their special day! 

M.A.C professional makeup artists, the  bridal makeup experts, have been enhancing Indian brides’ beauty for a long time. Now, we are celebrating this specialist area by introducing a tailor-made service along with a beautiful trousseau. This service will teach brides  how to achieve a variety of looks for throughout their married life and select makeup products that will  create  and complete their very own trousseau  to keep forever. 

“Educating   customers  is  an  integral  part  of  M.A.C’s  artistry   expertise   globally.   We  strive   to   make   every woman  feel   beautiful   for   now   and   forever”  explains  Sonic   Sarwate,   Senior   Artist,   M·A·C   India. “Indian women continue to inspire beauty  all over the world  and I’m personally proud that we have now created  something that celebrates and enhances their individual style and beauty for such a memorable occasion in their lifetime.” 

With  an  individual step-by-step makeup lesson of 120 minutes, M.A.C artists will give brides all the tips and tricks to achieve a variety of desired looks; from natural for day, to a dazzling evening look and beyond. All captured in customized M.A.C face charts to take home. And following each appointment - a glistening, gold   wedding   trousseau   box  will   be  given. This  personalized  box   with   flexible  compartments  allows  for makeup to be protected and arranged as the bride wishes, making it highly personal. Rich in fabric - lined with red velvet - it includes a large mirror and a tasseled golden key which will serve as a complement to any bride’s trousseau. 

Face Chart 1

Face Chart 2

The pre-booked service will be available from  at select M·A·C doors for Rs. 12,500

          Amritsar              MAC@Alpha One Mall                                        01836611921 
          Bangalore            MAC@Home Store                                             08041126844 
          Delhi                    MAC@DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj         01146696061 
          Delhi                    MAC@SelectCity Walk, Saket                            01146098541 
          Kolkata               MAC@Shoppersstop, Forum Mall                       03322830869 
          Mumbai               MAC@Shoppersstop, Forum Mall, Juhu              02226705603 
          Mumbai               MAC@Kemps Corner, Altamount Road              02223541097 

*All info by MAC India.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Wow!! Great. But I find it a little steep for that price. Does MAC offer a Trousseau with it too. Coz Inglot had launced a similar service in India but the bride to be gets that amount of Inglot stuff too. I dont this MAC offer will work in India. They should try some better marketing tactics.

  2. Trousseau service hardly matters in india as brides have so many options to choose from. Besides professional brands there are amazing couture brands which one should buy if they can go for it. Dior, Chanel, Guerlain does memorable pieces and a bride to be would love to have such memoirs...

  3. Wow.. I just love MAC MUAs. MAC also has a makeup class which you get if you purchase items worth Rs.6000 in one go. I will be going for that soon!

    1. Even I was excited to see that, however I wonder what all I could learn in just one session apart from basic of makeup..

  4. My friend got it done and I have to say she looked gorgeous. She spend 40k for her wedding n reception !!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. That's really nice... how come we don't have something like that here...


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