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MAC Archie's Girls Collection!

How did I not know about this sooner?!!! MAC is releasing a collection inspired by Betty & Veronica of Archie's comics.!
Did you know? 
You know how I came to know?
My blog stats. A bunch of people looking for "MAC Archie's Girls swatches" landed here last night. It was more than once, so I got curious.
My first thought was lipstick from some new collection. I hadn't thought about Jughead's two-timing idiot friend in a really long time.
I did my favorite thing. I googled.... and.....
Yes, it's a new collection! I came across a sneak peek of Betty Lipstick....
[Image Source]

I used to be a big fan of Archie comics, so I'm super excited about this one, more so because the packaging looks f-u-n!
People say it's launching this coming Spring/Summer.

So... you Betty or Veronica? I could never decide. I'll think about it again. Let me go find an Archie comic to read again.

♥ Cynthia Z *.* 


  1. AHHH I WANT!!!!! Love Veronica XO

  2. awww ! i love archiee :D would def look out for these :)

  3. LOL it's going to be quite a fun collection :D ♥ the packaging :)

  4. I used to looooovvvveee reading Archie. I always felt there was a bit of Betty in me and a bit of sure most girls felt that way. Cant wait for this collection...the packaging takes me back to my teens.

  5. omg ! cant wait for this one :D
    xoxo <3

  6. Arrgh!! I want this!! Will this ever launch in India?? I want Betty. I used to heart Betty, and well, my bff was very Veronica (thank God we never fought over the ame man)

  7. It used to be Betty for me for a very long time, but then I got older and decided she's, well, a bit of a doormat. Veronica has more spunk!

  8. Looks super fun, damn you MAC....why you make such fun products... I won't have any dough left after a while!

  9. Wowww I'm really looking forward to this ! I'm more of a Betty....

  10. I already haavee this *sing song voice*


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