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MAC Holiday Collection Haul, Photos & Swatches

What I wore to go buy these: Mint dress, black leather jacket, black tights, black shoes, mint bow bag, mint nail polish.
What I bought: All mint-cum-black packaging [I got the pink kit a few days later, like a sensible woman.]
SA (Sales Assistant): "So, you like green, huh?"
Me: "I guess so. Look at me!"

Later at the cash counter:
SA: "I'll give you a green shopping bag." (the silk bag with zig-zag print & bow detail.)
Me: "Oh, thanks! Err...actually, I wouldn't mind the pink one, since everything else I got is green."
SA: "Oh, alright!" *took out pink bag and put it in the MAC bag* [Wrong choice! My head screamed at me.]
Me: "Umm, sorry to trouble you, but now I want the green one."
SA: "Okay, no problem! *LOL*",  then she said to another SA: "She likes green!", and they both laughed. 
Such nice & friendly makeup store SA's here! 
What I picked up:
  • MAC Perfectly Plush Brush Kit Essential
  • MAC Fabulousness Eye Kit Neutral Eyes 
  • MAC All For Glamour Touch Up Kit Medium Dark 
MAC All For Glamour Touch Up Kit Medium Dark ~ Modern, high-luxe compact for lips and face. Includes Blot Powder/Pressed in Medium Dark (Net Wt 5g) to reduce shine and Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Bare Again, which delivers intense colour with the gleam of a Lipglass.
Price ~  £30.00 (Rs.2625)
Blot Powder Medium Dark,  Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick (Natural light)
Blot Powder Medium Dark, Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick (With flash)

MAC Fabulousness Eye Kit Neutral Eyes ~ I cancelled this palette from my wishlist because it got some very bad reviews & ratings. But when I swatched the eyeshadows at the store, they didn't disappoint me. I was so happy because I really wanted this pretty mint packaging. I will do a look sometime to show you the eyeshadows. The only eyeshadow that is kind of chalky is Blonde Mink (the 1st color). The others are all very wearable. I just think they should have put a black eyeshadow instead of 2 browns.
Price ~  £32.00 (Rs.2800)

With flash
Natural light
Swatches: Blonde Mink, Magical Mist, Brun, Enviable, Smut

MAC Perfectly Plush Brush Kit Essential: These are my very first MAC brushes. I really to get them because 1 brush cost around Rs.2500, and this set of 5 brushes seemed to be a really good deal. Plus, the pouch is so cute & versatile! If you're wondering if the mint will bleed out when washing them, I read that it doesn't. I haven't washed them yet. I have used them, and they're nice. I really like 226 tapered blending brush & 275 angled brush. The foundation brush 190, though very soft, couldn't blend my foundation smoothly, I needed another buffing brush to smooth out the streaks. I think I'll just use it for BB Creams & Primers now. 
Price ~  £39.50 (Rs.3457)
  • 129 Powder/Blush Brush
  • 190 Foundation Brush
  • 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush
  • 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush
  • 266 Small Angle Brush

The bow sizes are different.

If you want suggestions on other products from Glamour Daze Collection, I really really liked:
  • Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in 'Stolen Moment'. It's so purrrrty.
  • Glamour Daze Fluidline in 'Catch My Eye' & 'Little Black Bow'. They are gel liners with glitter, super gorgeous!
  • Guilty Passions Pigment or Lip Gloss Sets. The mini hat boxes are too cute!

This is one of the things I'll miss when I go back to India- getting my hands on MAC Collections as soon as they launch! =)

What are you drooling over? 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. OMGeee or may I say OMBowsss!!!
    so pretty..cant tak my eyes off from them...
    Lucky yo CZ =)
    m def getting these since i could save alot by time it launches n India =P

    1. Hehe...I know right they're too cute. Hope they launch them there soon :)


  2. ur one crazy girl ! :P but i dnt blame u.. im a big bow fan myself, and i love mint <3 n i loved the brush kit you've got the most ! i guess ill buy this for sure when its launched her ein india ! :)
    enjoy ur bows :)

  3. All things pink, mint and so many bows! I love these kits. One word can describe them best - Adorable!
    And I hope MAC launches these kits in India soon.

  4. I can't make up my mind what I want. You know the Touch Up kit, does the space for the lipstick fit other lipsticks in? Just trying to work out its practicality!

    1. Nah it doesn't fit other lipsticks that aren't the same shape & size as the Sheen Supreme


  5. OMGGGGGGGGG... I am drooolinggggggggggg......... I want them all :D

  6. Wow ! the packaging is amazing.. Totally in love with it..
    Ill Never will b able to spend so much on cosmetic, Im more of a Bag & shoe girl :P
    xoxo <3

    1. That's good, and keep it that way...more value for money :)


  7. I love the packaging on these, and what a cute story about going to pick these up (: Glad your counter mavens are so cool.


  8. what a superb kit :P i loved it so much.

  9. Drooling is an understatement! loved the eye kit

  10. Ok, now I'm green...with! Awesome haul, gorgeous stuff, most chic packaging iv ever seen!!!

    1. lol...oh don't be green...hope u get them too :)


  11. Cant tell you how much I am looking forward to them, just to hold them in hand and flaunt around like little girls show their new Barbie :-P

    1. Haha...yes, these are like a big girl's Barbie Shikha :D


  12. ohhhhh!!! the packaging is sooooo soooo prettyyy!!!!

  13. Oh wow!! I can't pick one! Luv all of them!!


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