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Maybelline The Jewels Rubylicious & Amethyst Ablaze Review & Swatches

Maybelline New York The Jewels Collection are jewel-inspired  Color Sensational Lipsticks. If you want deep jewel-toned shades, especially for Fall & the Indian festive season (say, Diwali), you will probably find a shade that'll complement your blingy mood.
I've got 2 shades here- Rubylicious & Amethyst Ablaze. 
Packaging: Pretty-Pretty, with pink caps and Maybelline New York engraved on the silver bullet case (Is that right? Why don't I know what it's called!)

Rubylicious ~ It is a gorgeous ruby red that's verging on sheer. If you're afraid to wear vibrant reds like MAC Ruby Woo, give this a try & wear it sheer. I like that it has a strong pink undertone, like those lip tints, but in lipstick form. If you're wondering how it compares to Revlon Colorburst Ruby, it looks more fuchsia than Ruby, if that makes sense. Okay, it has more purplish-pink than Ruby. Now I have confused you more. I think the photos below will explain better.
Comparison: Maybelline Pleasure Me Red & Rubylicious - Pleasure Me Red is a deeper red, while Rubylicious is sheerer with a pinker undertome

Amethyst Ablaze ~ Is it just me, or that word 'Ablaze' just doesn't sound right there? At least  for a lipstick. It's like, "Emerald Aflame"  for an eyeshadow, I'd still pick on the Aflame. Okay, this is a purple shade with shimmers, which are not very jhatak when worn, but they seem to disagree with the wax, making it look hodge-podge. I think it would look better if applied-blotted-applied-blotted while building the color up.

Amethyst Ablaze is a dupe for MAC Violetta from Venomous Villains Collection
Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze & MAC Violetta ~ Almost ditto, except Amethyst Ablaze has shimmer

Price of The Jewels Collection Lipsticks ~ Rs.350 each. PERFECT!

Available in more shades.

My Ratings:
Rubylicious: ♥♥♥♥4.5/5
Amethyst Ablaze: ♥♥♥♥♥ 3.5/5

Which did you like more? Do tell if you bought other shades!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Whoa. They both look amazing in you're swatches. Shall consider getting one of them for myself. :)

  2. i ve ordered rubylicious online, seeing ur swatches i'm happy i made d ryt choice...
    pretty pics CZ !!

  3. wow, these looks amazing color pay off!

  4. the red is jus kickass..:)..very nice pics

  5. Rubylicious just luks mind bloggingly good on ur lips

    1. Thanks would look great on you too, I'm guessing


  6. im lookin for a red lippie but rly confused

  7. Hey Cynthia does the lid cover change according to the shade family? I mean like the original color sensational ones - pink, mauve, red and browns or is the packaging same for all?

  8. hola guapa, preciosos colores especialmente me encanta el 591, soy muy de morados, violetas, lilas....besos

  9. thanks for sharing..
    i havent seen those at maybeline counters..
    i need to check it again today..

  10. Me encanta el color Amatista, y no me suelen gustar esos tonos pero es que queda genial!

  11. I want the red one, it looks so glossy ♥

  12. i liked amethyst and bought it a while back - but I would certainly not call it a daytime colour

  13. Hey Cynthia, you have an award on my blog -!!

  14. Super bright, just OH WOW! I like the purple, Im sure you could build up a more solid shade, to me that's more special than the red :)

  15. I have got Amethyst Ablaze and I am looking forward to purchasing Pink Tourmaline. And loving Rubylicious on your lips, but I have no wish to wear it, if you ask me.

  16. wow.. loved both the colors on your lips :)

  17. well actually am not into purples n am scared of reds..i had just picked up berry brilliant n am totally loving it ! in fact the post is scheduled this evening !

    ps- love your comparison swatches ! really helpfull !


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