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L'Oreal L'Or Electric Collection Photos & Swatches + GIVEAWAY (India Only)

I'm very excited to show you some products from the L'Oreal Paris L'Or Electric Collection for Cannes Film Festival 2012 , today. There are some very interesting products, and I'm already playing favorites. I will do a look with them sometime soon, hope you enjoy the photos & swatches for now....and if you're a reader living in India, do try your luck in the GIVEAWAY at the end! =)
The products came to me in this purple clutch =)

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Luminizer For Brown Eyes, Rs.630: I have used Super Liner Carbon Gloss before & loved the easy-to-use-felt tip brush. This is the same, but it has a little bit of shimmer.
L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner, Rs.695: Sketch pen liner. I really like how easy it is to do a winged liner with this.
Swatches: Super Liner Luminizer (L), Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner (R). Both NOT waterproof

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eyeshadows, Rs.450: These are the stars of this collection. I'm loving the price! Well done, L'Oreal! If you want eyeshadows that are between MAC Paint Pots & almost-creaseless cream eyeshadows, you should check these out. They are pigmented, easy to apply with fingers, and they don't crease. The only thing that annoys me about them is the packaging- it gets very messy, the product falls everywhere..argh. The pots are nice & cute, but those black lids! (refer to following pic)
L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eyeshadow #004 Forever Pink

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eyeshadow #006 All Night Blue  ~ OMG love this! Get it NOW!

Swatches: Forever Pink, All Night Blue

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense #294 Burning Sunset, Rs.785: It's a shimmery tangerine shade. I was surprised by how intense it is.
Swatch: L'Oreal Burning Sunset

Now comes the fun part! L'Oreal Paris India generously sent me some goodies for a Giveaway. I'm going to pick 2 WINNERS.


1st PRIZE: L'Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation Powder D4 Golden Natural & L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Gloss #105 Hold On Rose
2nd PRIZE: L'Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation Powder D4 Golden Natural & L'Oreal Paris Star Secrets Color Riche Lipstick #724 Rachida Brakni (it's a bordeaux shade) NOTE: The lipstick is a little beaten & scraped on the sides during shipping combined with the Delhi heat.
* Mineral Foundation shade is neutral & would suit most light-medium skin tones.

To enter this Giveaway, you only have to do is 2 things:
  • Be a Subscriber or Follower of Indian Vanity Case via GFC, or you can 'Like' Indian Vanity Case's Facebook Page
  • Comment below & tell me whose shoes you'd want to be in for a day at the Cannes Film Festival & WHY? Sonam Kapoor OR Freida Pinto OR Aishwarya Rai Bachchan? In no more than 10 lines.
 [***Please don't write an essay! LOL....the shorter the answer, the better ;)]

Sonam Kapoor

Freida Pinto
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Go ahead & imagine yourself on the red carpet as your most favorite beauty out of the 3 listed above.

2 people with the best & wittiest answers will WIN.

This contest ends a week from today- 15th June '12 at 11:59 PM.


Good Luck, everyone! :)

*Products in this post provided by L'Oreal Paris India. 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. I'd anyday love to be in Freida Pinto's shoes. The reason being, that she's playing it simple, yet is effortlessly chic. She defines the word 'minimal' from head to toe, be it her neon dress on one of the days, to her nude make up,which beautifully highlights her eyes, she's someone I totally see myself being!At a festival like Cannes,where you're brushing your shoulders with the gliterratis of Hollywood, here's Freida,who manages to do that, with ease and panache! My L'or Electric Vote goes to Freida Pinto!! :)

  2. firstly, I love you superb blog..ur simply amazing CZ!! <3<3

    And, Id like to be in Sonam Kapoor's shoes... She is THE true fashion diva in Bollywood in my opinion.. her impeccable style and charm makes me drools over her... her look is always very fresh and simple.. always with the flawless make-up and hair and attire and accessories....everything! Im personally very inspired by the way she dresses and looks....
    I would love to be the stylish gal on the red carpet, which she sure is!
    Also, who would mind wearing the big fat awesome designer labels she effortlessly carries so gracefully on the red carpet!! right??!!

  3. Hi cynthia

    I would love to be in Aishwarya Rai's shoes. She has been a true loyal ambassador for L'Oreal for over 11 years!! Though there are lots of controversy on her weight issues, she has silenced all of them by looking stunning at the festival. That goes to show that gaining weight during pregnancy is normal and nothing to be ashamed of, and you can still look beautiful and happy despite the critics. She will always be the DIVA of bollywood. I would do anything to be her for one day..... :)

  4. I would like to be in Aishwarya Rai's shoes. She stood out this year and I love the fact that she did not pay any heed to all her critics. Fat or not, she looks beautiful!
    ALso, I love your reviews CZ

  5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan hands down !

    I half doubt, the paparazzi would`ve had to google up Sonam Kapoor to know what the hell was she doing out there considering her miniscule filmography and even tinier traces of acting prowess.Cmon, she was Fan Bingbing`s arm candy last season for chrisakes ! Even Ms. Pinto fared better in terms of photographed company.Fashion wise she disappointed and her make-up was way too loud,almost screaming for unwanted attention this time round.

    Freida makes me wanna cry out Free-da-breather. She`s everywhere !!! Woody Allen must`ve taken an inexplicable liking for her wooden expressions, otherwise nothing explains her sudden meteoric but completely undeserved rise in celebdom at hollywood. Just clothes doesn`t maketh an icon.

    Love her, hate her but you cannot ignore her - That`s ARB at Cannes every year. People feverishly wait to watch what she wears, how she wears them, how she walks, how she laughs, whom she meets, where she stays, where she poos n pees (okee the last one was a lil too much ;)) She`s the STAR in every sense of the word. This year she arrived - a big woman, a mother and a Loreal ambassador - at ease in every role. No pretense, no excuses about her fulsomeness, fully aware of the sniggers and praises alike and walked as though she owned the red carpet - Now who wouldn`t want to be her for a day !

  6. Freida Pinto, if I am realistic and Sonam Kapoor if I can DREAM!! :D

  7. hi cynthia,
    I LITERALLY LOVE AISHWARYA’S LOOK IN THE ABU JANI SANDEEP KNOSLA outfit coz she is oozing femininity and is holding indian tradition high with great make up which is perfectly synchronised to the saree she is wearing..
    Also the olume million lashes mascara is adding the glamour of having used false lashes while the infallible eye shadows offer effortless chic and the 24 hour super gel liner perfectly defines her almond shaped peepers..her skin is looking soft and supple attributed the loreal booster and the honey tru match blush giving the naturally sun kissed look..
    I absolutely adore her look.

  8. Definitely Aishwarya Rai!! Beauty lies in highlighting your best feature and I think she's done that well. Her eyes are the main feature while the rest of the makeup is minimal. Beauty lies in simplicity and I think her look epitomizes that!

  9. I'd love to be in Aishwarya's shoes... she proves there is so much more to a woman than just her size. As marilyn monroe says " Give a woman right shoes, and she can conquer the world" . . . Right makeup, right dress . . .and fearless attitude . . . she represented the woman we all want to be. . .

  10. I would love to step into the shoes of Aishwariya Rai Bachchan for the Cannes Film Festival coz the aura she creates out there is just impeccable, when every camera wants to capture her and everyone stands curious to see as to what will be her dress code, wearing which designer she'll be walking the red carpet and when she's greeted by being called as one of the most Beautiful women on the planet, everything sounds Perfect.. So I would like to be in her shoes if I can one day :)

  11. I think all three are pretty bad acting wise, period! So im going to keep it completely superficial, which all three are really good at! ARB has had some truly atrocious look in the past, that has make me go...YIKES!! Soman is all for the trend but i sometimes feel she tries too hard.. too gimmicky.. I go for Frieda coz she is fabulously chic in an effortless way. Plus 3 words snogging James Franco!!! Hallelujah!

  12. hi..
    i luv ur blog it has really helped me improve my makeup & personality. <3

    -I wud luv being in sonam kapoor shoes for Cannes Film Festival 2012..becoz sonam has truly carried off the L'oreal electric makeup... specially the red lipstick it compliments her skin tone n dress!
    and i wud love to win the Mineral Foundation Powder & Color Riche Lipstick to get an exact sonam kapoor look!

  13. Though i appreciate sonam and aishwarya's looks but I'd rather look like frieda. Neither understated nor overstated. Her lime colored dress flatters her figure yet doesn't ask attention. She looks etheral confident and feminine. That is must for Red carpet isnt it. :)

  14. if you ask me honestly,why i would be in somebody else's shoes.i would be my OWN self and stand for it.
    being said this Aish is doing pretty much the same.whatever media and our nation is criticizing her for being over weight,it did not stop her going to CANNES.she is confident in herself and is not shy to stand with size zero models.BE YOUR SELF,and all of us should be proud to be ME and I.

  15. i will like to be in Freida Pinto's shoes. Sonam was overdressed and did way too much makeup according to me and this time ash was not dressed up to the mark. while Freida Pinto's is simple stylish and just applies as much makeup as needed doesnot bath in makeup;-)

  16. I would love to be in Freida Pinto's shoes..because even though Sonam is a beautiful lady, I personally feel she took the whole "electric" theme a bit too seriously this time ;) and Ash is WAY too glamorous to even relate to!! :D so Freida is the perfect girl-next-door cum chic-doll combo :)

  17. Sonam Kapoor definitely... Its a red carpet event the more glam you look the better... Nude or minimal makeup can be done every time (Like Ash or Frieda)but to look ravishing like Sonam is a makeup best suited for the occasion :)

    Luv, The Nyt

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan anyday.
    Who if not her would be able to walk the red carpet with a smile and just the right amount of makeup that is required to enhance her beauty, a stunningly tailored dress that flatters her figure and the poise with jus the perfect attitude.

  20. Has anybody seen freida's look in the peplum dress by michael angel at the opening ceremony and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ premiere or in a Versace dress she wore at cannes.that was it for me.honestly,i was curious only about ash and all the media waiting to jump on her baby weight,but to be in her's tooo overhyped,i can't digest any of the ash bashing,i wud feel like the 'desi' version of angelina jolie,and sonam,i respect her sense of fashion but this time,it screamed 'LOOK AT ME'..2 much 'electric' shock ;).whereas overthetop..shes not even a regular b'wood star.and here we are..a dusky indian ,flaunting her PERFECT all..i feel she's 'real' in all,i wan't to be her on the red carpet(and in that michael angel gown with franco if possible);)

  21. Whom you want to be for one day? If God asks me this , given options or not, I will choose only Aiswarya Rai ...
    Some people say she is too plastic and not real.. But please... Give me a break...
    She is the Diva, she really is.. You like her or not, if she is there , you can't take your eyes off her. Now that's a truth
    [Above everything , since my childhood I am trying too hard to find a similarity between mine and her face , and Finally i succeeded one day, We both have a black birth mark above our lips :D, Isn't it cool :D :P )

  22. You know, CZ, although I liked Freida's dress better than Sonam's ,I still want Sonam Kapoor's clothes ! Thik hai, this dress was a little granny style, but I genuinely think that I should be giving her the benefit of doubt this time. I liked her make-up too, with the granny dress ;O) .. Ok I am biased , but who isn't , right ? :-D

    (PS I liked Aish's saree too , but I am SO SCARED of ending up looking like her after my baby is born - such cheapo I am , but it's true ... :-P )

    Sonam , I am sure you read CZ's blog, can I look like you for a day ? Please ? ( Just in case Sonam happens to read my comment .. :-) )

  23. Oh damn ! What if Ash reads my comment !?! :-O

  24. Definitely Freida Pinto. I love her dresses, her shoes, her make up, her style, her life, her boyfriend, everything about her. Given a chance I would take a day away from her life. I would live the day to the fullest. Will come out of it happily & will admire her even more after it. She is a diva in true sense. She has struggled her way up to here. I love her. May God bless you Ma'am.

  25. Already a follower:)

    I would like to be in Freida's shoes..I loved all her looks..flirty, girly, fresh...I loved her clothes(the lime Versace gown!OMG I loveee it) , makeup and those Ferragamo shoes! weehee who wont love to be in those?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Aish Rai any day, and Aish Rai specifically after she has become a mom. With her looks, style and oodles of confidence - she no care if she be slim or fat - she embraces HEALTHY living and gets knows how to tell the world to F off in her own, sweet, stylish way ;) Oh and her face - do not know too many women who can carry off ANY look at ANY age - kudos to true Miss Worlds like her :) I highly doubt if Sonam or Frieda will be half as glam as her when they're in their late 30s....

  28. Ash all the way. She is the perfect middle ground between the sometimes 'over-the-top and tries-too-hard' Sonam Kapoor and the 'too simple' Freida Pinto. Ash is a beauty and a perfect lady. Who wouldn't want to be in her shoes??? Trends may come and go *ahem ahem* but the classics always pass the test of time irrespective of their weight issues ;)

    p.s I ve liked the facebook page under the name Kamya Sati :)

  29. It would be Frieda Pinto because her dressing is simple and yet fashionable. I always keep my clothes and accessories very simple and I like people who score in spite of their simple looks.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Id want to be in Sonam Kapoor's shoes bcoz she defines style for me.She is the perfect L 'Oreal ambassador-ELECTRIC edgy classy and versatile..All the things i associate with the L'Oreal brand.She always experiments with her looks and comes up with a refreshing yet chic look every time.I especially love her Cannes look-Edgy Dark mysterious and above all GLAMOROUS

  32. Obviously the new mom Aish. The happiness of motherhood makes one more radiant than anything else. You become a bundle of pure love when u are a mom, and then it shows in your eyes!!!

  33. Hmmmm, let me see in whose shoes I want to be then, and why!:
    I am no (former) Miss World, except for my husband...
    I am no (bollywood) big-mouth , except during my appraisal...!
    (So) I am all for the lady who is also from the city of beach and sand...!!
    Yes, yes, I am very much willing for a Freida Pinto role reprisal....! :-)

  34. Aishwarya- the super mom gets my nod; why? with a cool nonchalance she wears her weight :P around ! Her sizzling persona and a diva personality shines across even when her bulges fights for attention !

    BTW, ur FB page already has my like and I stay in India

  35. Sonam ............representing YOUTH to lead THE FUTURE

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Frieda Pinto.
    BECAUSE- For some strange reason, I want to, and dislike her. But her clothes, her fashion sense won't let me do that!

    I'm serious- I never liked her, but man, she always get's it right with her clothes and she's slowly winning my heart! So, that's why it's her, for the "turn-around!"

    I am already imagining myself, in the yellow dress, blowing away kisses on the red carpet! hehe

    PS: This is my 3rd comment. I deleted 2 comments before, because the choice was really difficult!!!!

  38. Hiieeee Cynthia ♥♥ =) Am sooo in lovvveee with your site. Its my one-stop for beauty product reviews. And Thank You sooo much for that :)
    P.S : This is strictly NOT to 'woo' you for the give-away :/ :D True thing :)

    And well, I liked Sonam's look.!

    But when AISHWARYA RAI is in the list .. i dont wanna consider other choices:)
    *The way her outfit evens out her current frame
    *Right amount of make-up
    *Perfect attitude
    *The aura she carries with herself!

    "Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out."
    There she is ! :)

  39. I'd go for Aishwarya Rai. Here's why:

    1.Sonam Kapoor is, acc to me, the most stylish girl in Bollywood, what with her power to never stop me going "Oh boy, I want THAT!", but this look just didn't go down well with me. I mean, just see the eyes. Too much concealer!

    2.Freida Pinto's look is, well, a bit too plain for me. I usually love the natural look, but this is CANNES, for heaven's sake! No way is this okay. *shakes head*

    3.Aishwarya's skin looks glowing. I mean, more than usual. ;)
    I love the dark eyes with minimal lip tint. It's fab!

  40. Freida Pinto...The Face Of India....And well it's not always about beauty that brings fame but hard work...Love her fashion style, career and life....Gr8 going in Hollywood.

  41. freida pinto coz its natural fun and would be totally ME!!!!

  42. I'd love to be in Aishwarya Rai's shoes, literally!!! I would love knowing that I am taking home her Elie Saab dresses ;)

  43. i liked Aishwarya rai's shoes the most. although being over weight, she looks so stunning and glamorous and walked the red carpet with so ease... hats off to her

  44. I pick Freida Pinto. She is dusky, unconventionally beautiful and confident. She never wears too much make up and is always effortlessly dressed. I can safely say that I find her personality very similar to mine :) Easy choice!

  45. Aishwarya it is!! She looked extremely beautiful on red carpet!! She might have gained weight, but still looks graceful. She is elegance personified! And ofcourse motherhood has brought a glow to her face..and this glow is unbeatable.The other two ladies definitely lack this glow of a new mother.:)

    P.S: And since I am myself on a bit healthier side, with cute cheeks,I totally connect with the look. :D

  46. There's nothing better than a classic, vintage & chic look that Sonam Kapoor carries flawlessly. I love the way Sonam strides & brings back the 'vintage flare' with her outfits made of lace and the perfect finish to her make-up with the rouge lips and smokey eyes. Being one of the brand ambassador's of L'oreal she does total justice to every L'oreal product and makes girl's like look upto her as a fashion, style & make-up guru!

  47. I would love to be ARB. She looks flawless, I love how her eyes look so beautiful and magical! Also, her pout is perfect. With all the nasty She-Is-FAT nonsense going around the world, kudos to her for neglecting it all and walking down the red carpet, confident, stunning and gorgeous. I would like to be Aishwarya, to show the world that being 'fat' after having a baby just few months ago, is absolutely normal and human.
    YAY! to her :)

  48. Sexy yet sweet Sonam Kapoor... no matter how much I am jealous of her (shhh its a secret) I would love to be in her shoes. She's the IT girl of every fashion show. And here she's wearing my favorite color 'RED' on her lips to add that Oomph factor :)

  49. Aishwarya rai...One reason is boz I am also trying to enjoy and cope up with after baby shape ;) ...yet she is looking gorgeous, confident and amazingly bful with perfecr Loreal makeup, and ever harming bful eyes. She has shown everyone that its attitude which matters most..I truely wud love to see myself in her place.

  50. Ah what an awesome awesome blog ... the pics ... Wow ... makes me want each n every make up stuff from this vanity ;)
    I am not an imprompto buyer but dear ur posts makes me buy them ... n of course apply them on me and feel beautiful ...
    At Cannes , I would love to wear the most Beautiful Miss World Aishwarya Rai's shoes, She is a true beauty and a style diva ... Looks that kill are and will always be of Aish ... Simplicity and Style : an exotic blend is what Loreal gives her , and I would love to have that look

  51. Hey Hi :),
    Shoes I'd want to be in for a day at the Cannes Film Festival will have to be Aishwarya Rai Bachchan coz her shoes will fit me literally as am to coping with weight issues post pregnancy and I can even end up walking the red carpet with the 2 famous men in her life Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan as arm candies (^_^)and yeah Jaya bachchan can also join us if she want too :p
    Like your blog on Fb by the name Shak khan :)

  52. ARB ...why ...Abhishek Bachchan as hubby ...BIG B as pop in law jaya bachchan as mil....bungalow at juhu ...miss India and world in kitty ...salman as ex-bf (am not mentioning vivek oberoi).....whats not to like (and if i were in her shoes i wudnt return them ;-))

  53. Ahh...i totally dig Sonam Kapoor's style. She is a style goddess and isn't afraid to experiment. Even though she has a few movies to her credit but hey she's a style icon already. I love her sense of carrying herself in all sorts of styles.

  54. I'd love to be in Freida Pinto's shoes,because she has an effortless simple style that always looks great without looking like she "tried too hard".She is respected internationally not only for her looks and style but also for her work,she is the true representative of the stylish Indian.

  55. I would love to be in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan`s (ARB)shoes anyday coz of the following reasons: No.1. She`s utterly beautiful and smart. No. 2 She looked the best amongst the three. No. 3. She has done an incredible job in her life careerwise. No. 4 She is still representing India on various international platforms and doing it superbly. No 5. She is THE BACHCHAN BAHU and THE MOM OF Aradhya Bachchan so she has the added pleasure and good fortune of enjoying Motherhood. I MEAN WHAT ELSE COULD A FEMALE POSSIBLE WANT IN LIFE ? JUST THINK !!! SO THAT`S WHY I WUD LOOOOOOOVE TO GET INTO ARB`S SHOES NE GIVEN DAY.

  56. i would love to be in sonam kapoor's shoe coz she is a diva!she has been showing us her amazingly stunning looks all the time !she does everything perfectly well in all sorts of occasion and is an ideal stylo of every girl's next door!she knows how to carry herself well and walk out with confidence and dignity!<3

  57. CZ !
    I would be in ash's shoes cuz she knows she's Fat but in her head she's P.H.A.T (PRETTY HOT AND TEMPTING) ! <----- that is short and witty and true !

  58. Sonam Kapoor ! Atleast she's experimental with her look ! ;)

  59. Aishwarya Rai......cos her make up enhances her beauty.. After all make up is done to enhance your original beauty....

  60. Its "Aishwarya Rai" all the way because I strongly believe that a real (inner) beauty does not need ornaments & with her minimalistic makeup and simple look she outshines the Cannes every year. She never followed style statements, rather its her who always created them. <3

  61. I'd go with Sonam Kapoor!

    I'm envious of the fact that She can carry off Red Lipsticks so well,inspite of being dusky. She changes the perceptions of wearing the color Red.
    Also I like her Bold sense of Fashion,No wonder she's considered as Fashion Icon.

  62. I'm chose Aishwarya. I've always admired her as an actress. She doesn't believe in making sensational statements to gain headlines, but lets her work do the talking (even if it's not always perfect... but the whose is?)
    I think she's a lovely, dignified person too & so I would love to step in her shoes for the day.

  63. I'd choose Aishwarya Rai anytime, anyday... shez iconic n true diva.... so wht she carried pregnancy bulge.. she looked pretty as always...

  64. Hi :) thats an amazing giveaway.
    Liked your page on FB and following via GFC too.

    If I had a chance to step in someone's shoes among these three beautiful ladies that would be Sonam Kapoor. This lady has a style statement which makes the West go Wow, too! Stand out of the crowd, inspiring fashion in all young bloods including ME <3

  65. Sonam Kapoor! Why? Simple- a hot maiden gets many more hoots than a pretty lady!

  66. Freida Pinto all the way. Right from her first international appearance she has proved that she has style and charisma and keeps getting better with time. Her makeup is usually minimal to highlight her piercing eyes and beautiful pout. A wheatish beauty in a sea of painted faces - Freida Pinto

    Facebook: Sangeeta Govindan

  67. Already a follower:)

    Sonam Kapoor, Because she is a style Diva. I like the way she carry herself. As everyone knows after you lose such a huge amount of weight your body changes completely and even after this she looks so stunning and a true beauty. Love her so much.

  68. Follower by the name of CrazyPopLock

    I would like to be in Freida Pinto's shoes for a day! I love how unique she is and how talented she is! Its amazing how with her hard work she is now a Holly Wood diva from India that too with class and no help from any Indian major stars. She is an inspiration for anyone who doesn't have famous Bolly Wood daddy haha. Even in the L'Oreal L'Or Electric Collection for Cannes Film Festival 2012 Video of her, she mesmerized me with her beauty!

  69. Subscribed thru email -
    GFC - shruti shetty
    Liked ur facebook page too....

    Now if i had to choose i would choose Frieda Pinto when i am thin and Aishwarya Rai when i put on weight :P ... lol

    Freida has that sparkle in her eyes..She always keeps her makeup minimal thats her plus point.. Her choice of color selection for her gowns is also truly awesome..
    Ash is someone who cares nil about the critics and thats what i love about her.. Thats the kind of attitude u need if u need to prove ur worth to people..

  70. Freida Pinto... :) I'm amazed always by the grace and poise she carries herself...she keeps it minimally b'ful..n there is this amazing aura in her which always is amazing!! I loved all her looks throughout the cannes and I think I closely relate to it most...So I'd love to be in her shoes !!1 <3
    followin u thru gfc and fb :)

  71. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan any time....!!! She oozes out sexuality and is comfortable in her own skin with the figure hugging gown or the flowing dresses she wore.She truly represents the modern day women, who takes in all the criticism with a smile and walks away as if she was born for it.I love her confident smile and minimal makeup.


  73. I'd choose Aishwarya Rai becoz God is the greatest artist
    To whom no one can compare with her baeauty.....
    True beauty is in the way she laughs
    True beauty is in her eyes especially
    True beauty is how she acts
    True Beauty can't be covered with makeup
    The beauty of ISH
    Is not in the clothes she wears,
    The figure that she carries,
    Or the way she combs her hair.....
    The beauty of a ISHWARYA
    Must be seen from her eyes,
    Because that is the doorway to her heart,
    The place where love resides.....

    The beauty of a ISH
    Is not a facial mole,
    But true beauty in ISH
    Is reflected in her soul.

    The beauty of a ISH with passing years only grows and grows......
    LUV U ISH....

  74. While I'm a fan of none, I love how Frieda Pinto is recognized for her style as well as talent. She has made it so far with a lot of grace and style and responds very well to praise as well as criticism. So, while I'd love to try being in all three women's shoes for a daysince they're all strong and successfull as well as stylish, I'd pick Frieda Pinto of the lot!

  75. While I'm a fan of none, I love how Frieda Pinto is recognized for her style as well as talent. She has made it so far with a lot of grace and style and responds very well to praise as well as criticism. So, while I'd love to try being in all three women's shoes for a daysince they're all strong and successfull as well as stylish, I'd pick Frieda Pinto of the lot!

  76. Hey ..great giveaway and the first man to participate i am sure..i got recently engaged and my fiancee loves your blog so i became the curious one and read the blog and the first thing i see is a giveaway so here i am participating for my fiancee of course.. she out for the time being so winning this would be an icing on the cake.. lolzz..
    My fiancee is THE best.i would love to see her walk the red carpet but this is a contest so i would have to say Sonam Kappoor for her style and confidence in representing India in International events. Kudos for the good work..

  77. i love aishwarya..and with her awesome appearance this year..regardless of what haters said about her..i want to be in her shoes,no doubt! her confidence,maturity,enigma and beauty is has has always been..her quite diginty and elegance is something i admire a mom to be i want to be just like her.when i have my baby..i want to learn to be confident and beautiful in my 'new' skin and body just the way aishwarya has been at Cannes and in her off camera life.. :)

  78. Definitely Aishwarya Rai. She has turned heads at every phase of her life.
    A true beauty queen :)

  79. I'd love to be in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's shoes. She lives up to 'world's most beautiful woman'. She also silenced the "fat" critics during the recent Cannes Festival. To me she is the real "Beauty" with "Brains".

  80. I'd love to be in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Shoes.She is great achiever,adorable lady.She made us(every Indian)proud by winning "1994 MISS WORLD" competition,even though I was small that time,I loved her so much.She is inspiration for so many people including me.Now she is successful as woman. I think thats all it for this life..

  81. Sonam Kapoor ... A style icon who loves to create her own rules & her own fashion.

  82. 'Ash' you like it...In this case it will be "'Ash', I like It!!!" ;)
    Her style, which has more misses than it gets kisses, manage to hit the 'taal' even in plain old 'Jeans' and at times makes you think 'Kuch na kaho'
    Her face, so doll-like and ethereal, come rain, hail, babies or the dreaded age of 40s, make her the 'Umrao Jaan' of India
    Her figure, which can make 'dhoom' and others gloom, make her more real than anyother
    Her elegance, grace and confidence, leaves 'Devdas(es)' across the 'World' saying 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam'
    Whether she is 'Jodha' or The 'Mistress of Spices',
    The 'Bride' and bahu of the 'Sarkar' of all families of Bollywood Or at the receiving end of everyones 'Prejudice',
    She inevitably leaves everyone with a "Guzaarish' for more.
    Because she's worth it ;)