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Urban Decay NAKED 'Vs' NAKED 2

Woohoo! Let's throw some jello on them! In case you haven't gone through the Reviews & Swatches of the individual palettes yet, you can read them: Naked & Naked 2, before reading this post.
I'll make this quick!
Urban Decay Naked (Original)

Urban Decay Naked 2

The next pic makes me angry, coz it's not clear enough, but I still put it up, so you get to see the eyeshadows side -by-side: Naked 2 (left), Naked (right)
I'll compare only the colors that look similar in the palettes, so that you (and I) don't get confused. Colors not compared are all different.
Naked Virgin (oops! ;p) Vs Naked 2 Bootycall - Virgin has a hint of pink, while Bootycall is more cream & almost looks like it has a hint of gold

Naked Sidecar Vs Naked 2 YDK - Both gorgeous, as you can see

Naked Smog Vs Naked 2 Snakebite - Snakebite is darker & has more brown in it, Smog is more golden

Naked Half Baked Vs Naked 2 Half Baked - Same same, but somehow the one in Naked feels smoother/silkier

Naked Hustle Vs Naked 2 Busted - Similar, but Busted is darker & more pigmented than Hustle, hence better quality too.

Naked Creep Vs Naked 2 Blackout - Creep is bluish black with shimmer, Blackout is matte blackest black.

Naked: I absolutely can't live without Buck & Naked, and I adore Sidecar & Toasted
Naked 2: Though there are really nice colors in this palette, I really like only YDK. Of course, it's nice to have a matte black shadow like Blackout too, but I can easily do away with Creep from Naked.
Winner: Naked. 

Naked: You get a Primer Potion (Eyeshadow Primer) & a Good Karma Brush.
Naked 2: You get a dual-sided Shadow/Crease Good Karma Brush & a Lip Junkie Lipgloss. I don;t like the lipgloss at all.
♥ Winner: A tie, I guess. I prefer the Primer Potion from Naked & the brush from Naked 2. 

Naked:  Classy-looking suede with gold foil letters, but it attracts lint! Oh, the lint! I remember seeing a lint roller at Forever 21 when i was at the cash counter, and was searching my head for a reason to buy it. Now I find it! And the gold writing is fading.
Naked 2: Tin packaging & bigger mirror inside, so it's easier to clean & would hardly ever look old, like Naked . But it's more bulky & heavier. Sometimes it's hard to make it sit on a table when it's opened without it tilting backwards.
♥ Winner: 50-50, I guess. It all comes down to personal preference here. Both come with pros & cons. I still prefer Naked, because it's lighter & easier to grip.

Price: Both cost $50.00 

The ultimate test:
When I was packing for Mumbai, and had to pick only one eyeshadow palette to take with me. I picked Naked!


Naked 2

The WINNER (for me) is ~ Naked (Original). I'm just sad about the packaging. But then, I have treated it recklessly (and always take it with me on vacays & weekends away from home), to be fair to it. I'm actually surprised it's not torn yet >.<

How about you? Can't decide which one to choose?
I'm pretty sure your heart already knows. Follow it! :)

Do you need Naked 2 if you already have Naked?
I'm a naturally curious person & collect things in twos, so I had to get Naked 2. Now I could sell it in a heartbeat (I maybe have to, for certain reasons). So, I'd say- No. 
*BUT they are different palettes, even if not completely. They both have something to offer.

P.S. Have you voted on the 'Naked Palette' poll, yet? Please do! It's on the right below 'Product Of The Week' up there. Thanks! :)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Both the palettes are gorgeous.. No doubt about it.i already own naked and I love it..none of my eyelooks are complete without yes I am partial to naked palette :P I won't be buying naked2 even though it is such a gorgeous palette:(

  2. Thank you for this article! I´m going to buy one of them next month and after your comparison, it will be Naked 2. Because it seems to be more cool toned and that´s better for my complexion. But I´d like to have primer potion rather than lipgloss.

    1. I guess you can buy PP separately then


  3. they both look great but i think i would get the original!

  4. I agree with you Cynthia... Naked beats Naked 2 by a milestone.. the colors in naked meets all our day and night shades while I feel Naked 2 is just a shadow of Naked.. UD havent done a better job with Naked 2 :)

  5. Thank you for the comparison review! <3 I wanted to get my sister one of these palettes for her birthday - I think I'll be going for the original Naked now ;)


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