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Early Birthday Gifts & Haul...Woohoo!

Early Birthday Gift: My brother (elder/only) came to Delhi & stayed with us for a night. He thoughtfully/generously told me to buy something for my birthday (I lub him!). The only disturbing thing was, we went to the mall LATE- almost closing time! How am I supposed to do full justice to free money in 10-15 minutes?! Mr.CZ & bro went on to do their own things, and I was alone. Ok, no dilly-dally, I told myself. I went from one shop to another like a crazy person!
Debenhams- Nothing! 
Mark's & Spencer- Nothing! Well, actually, I adored some lingerie, but I would never buy those with my brother's money... haha!
Guess- I couldn't see the store. Later, I asked Mr.CZ if it's shut down or something, but he said he went there. It was there, yet I didn't see it! I plead temporary insanity. 
Accessorize- Jewelry needs time, which I didn't have *argh!*
This time, it's officially closing time. I saw a guard in one of the boring shops put the CLOSED thingy on the door. I panicked and ran.....and I landed in Mango. Long story short, I decided on a Polka Dot Dress (which is S, and I'm waiting for them to call & tell me XS is available, so I can go exchange) and white sunglasses - I thought 'Ooh....full-on retro look!' [Detailed pics of the dress here]
The following are what i hauled recently:
2 more bow sunglasses from Ebay. The ones below are the same as the pink ones I wore here

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit

MAC Angel Lipstick

I will swatch & review the make-up products shortly.

Have a great week, everyone! =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. That dress looks very cute! I have a top with a similar print & I love wearing it - it looks very retro! :)

  2. the mac lipstick looks awesome...pls review it fast :)

  3. where on earth do you live.... i wish malls near me had stuff half as nice

  4. Advance Birthday Wishes Cynthia :)

  5. pretty pretty.. reminds me i've to visit Mango ASAP.. LOL

  6. Happy early birthday!! your brother is so sweet ;)
    I like the mango dress ,viva polkadot! ;D


  7. Hahaha! Happy Birthday in advance!! By the way, what did you gift yourself the day you shopped because you had a million views? :P

    1. Nothing big that day, coz I didn't find anything...just knick knacks :D


  8. The dress looks would totally rock the retro look !


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